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Welcome to Clan MacFarlane Worldwide!

If you're like the rest of us you have no doubt found yourself pondering your heritage. Maybe your interest was nurtured as a child or maybe it was just discovered. Either way, we're glad your interest has led you here and we invite you to become part of our worldwide, yet tight, community. Our goals are to educate, share, and take pride in our heritage.

We are MacFarlanes of all spelling variations, McGaws, Spruells, Robbs, Millers, Websters, Weavers, Blacks and many others. Together we form a organization that's kept by the strongest of bonds... family. We answer to the call Loch Sloy, we carry the arms of our forefathers, we preserve the heritage that is so uniquely yours and ours.

It is with your support that the heritage of Clan MacFarlane will continue to thrive for another 800 years. Please join today.

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2020 CMW Scotland Tour

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. is proud to announce its 2020 trip to Scotland, beginning June 30, 2020. The Annual Members Meeting will take place July 1.  Non members can join the trip so If you are not registered, please do so. The information packet is attached with itinerary, hotels, pricing. You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the info and registration forms will be e-mailed to you. Hope to see you there!

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