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If you're like the rest of us you have no doubt found yourself pondering your heritage. Maybe your interest was nurtured as a child or maybe it was just discovered. Either way, we're glad your interest has led you here and we invite you to become part of our worldwide, yet tight, community. Our goals are to educate, share, and take pride in our heritage.

We are MacFarlanes of all spelling variations, McGaws, Spruells, Robbs, Millers, Websters, Weavers, Blacks and many others. Together we form a organization that's kept by the strongest of bonds... family. We answer to the call Loch Sloy, we carry the arms of our forefathers, we preserve the heritage that is so uniquely yours and ours.

It is with your support that the heritage of Clan MacFarlane will continue to thrive for another 800 years. Please join today.

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2013 AMM Minutes Grandfather Mountain

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc

Annual Membership Meeting

July 13, 2013

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina


In Attendance – Steve & Marie Robb, Karen & Peter McFarlin, Randy & Cheryl McFarland, Kip & Sandy Morgan, Greg McFarland, Don & Laurie Jackson, Mary Helen Haines, Betsy McFarland, John and Barbara Duff, Melissa Knox, Maxi Fitzjarrald, Chuck and Karen Poland, Dottie and Ian MacFarlane, Dick and Kay Shafer, Jim and Jo MacFarlane, Bill Hunt and Susan Pavlech, Lynne C. Melton, Betsy S. Caudill, Beth Moore, Susan Miller, Meredith and Tom Rose, Cathy and Don Harrison, Bradley Harrison, David and Annesley MacFarlane, Janet and Samantha Robertson


Welcome and Call to Order/President’s Report – Marie Robb


  • Firstorder of business was to recognize and honor Ian and Dottie MacFarlane fortheir contributions in establishing the modern Clan MacFarlane Societyforty years ago at Grandfather Mountain.


  • Marieread two letters, one from Scotland, the other from Australia, recognizingIan and Dottie for their work.


  • SinceJanuary, 2013, the President has:


  • Workedwith Janet Robertson in finalizing plans for the 2014 trip to Ireland andScotland.
  • Filledcurrent committees to fulfill future work.
  • Initiatedmonthly Board of Directors meetings on the second Thursday of each month.
  • Workedwith the Web-Master, Preston McFarland, to make changes to the web page to include the Facebook link.


Vice-President’s Report – Peter McFarlin


  • Worked with Janet Robertson in finalizing plans for the Archaeology portion ofthe 2014 trip.
  • Guided the work of the Heritage Committee, creating a regular column for thenewsletter Loch Sloy!
  • Travelledto Scotland to participate in the Hidden Heritage Project, makingvaluable connections with local Scottish heritage groups and archeologists.


Secretary’s Report – Mary Helen Haines


  • Refined the Drop-box repository for the Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. board tostore archives, newsletters, board meeting notes, membership, genealogical records, by-laws, pictures, etc.


Treasurer’s Report – Laurie McFarland Jackson


  • Laurie is working with Fiscal Committee Chairman, Jim MacFarlane to establish a bookkeeping system for budget purposes.
  • We have approximately $4000 in the bank at this moment. Our largest expenses are tentregistration fees, and the Ellan Vow donation.
  • Our accounts are with Wells Fargo. Deposits may be made by anyone from any WF branch by simply indicating the money is for CMW.
  • Paula completed our tax filings for the year.


Gatherings Committee – Randy McFarland


  • GatheringsCommittee consists of Randy McFarland, Betsy McFarland, Melissa Knox.
  • Randyintroduced Janet Robertson, owner of Thistle Dubh, the travel agent in charge of the 2014 trip. We have 30+ for Ireland, and 40+ for Scotland, so there is still some room for more. The AMM will be held on a cruise ship on Loch Lomond that will pick everyone up at our hotel, the Cameron House.
  • IanMacFarlane suggested we invite his 2 nd cousin, Lord MacFarlane, to our AMM if the board approved.
  • Randyis looking for more tent delegates. CMW will help in every way we can tosupport a new delegate.
  • Petershowed two books that can be sold in the tent; one by Dr. David Starbuck,and the other from Mary Haggarty’s Arrochar Heritage group.


Membership Committee – Sandy Morgan


  • Committee consists of Sandy Morgan, Laurie Jackson, Mary Helen Haines, and Neal McFarland.
  • We have 525 members, up from 382 last year. We have two honored members.
  • We have members from all countries in the UK including Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Australia, NewZealand. Other countries withmembers include: Japan,Netherlands, France, Spain, and Denmark. There are members in CMW from each state in the USA except Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, andVermont.
  • Our membership database and voting member database have been added to the Drop Box folder, which can be accessed by all members of the Board of Directors and by appropriate committee chairpersons.
  • The Voting Member list is used for sending the Loch Sloy and for on-line voting.
  • Membership by States has been added to the Drop Box folder so that state delegates have access to those up-to-date lists as appropriate.
  • The tracking of Voter Member Enrollment by month is working well in allowing us to contact our members about dues payments and membership status in a timely fashion. With the help of Laurie Jackson, treasurer, and Paula McFarland, we have added options for members to pay dues in more convenient ways.
  • We continue to acknowledge each new voting member as soon as possible with a welcome packet that includes the latest issue of the Loch Sloy, an official welcome letter that includes contact information for the Board of Directors, and a genealogy form. We also continue to send membership certificates and nametags in a timely manner.
  • In addition to contacting new Fellow applicants with a welcome letter, we now send them a one-time, complimentary copy of the latest Loch Sloy.
  • We continue to help the Delegates, if they request it, in contacting the visitors to CMW tents with a letter, an invitation to visit the website and our FaceBook page, and a copy of the latest Loch Sloy.
  • We have made progress in adding second email addresses for all family members, though we still have work to do on that front.



Genealogy Committee – Mary Helen Haines


  • Committee consists of Mary Helen Haines, Andrew Macfarlane,Terrance Gach MacFarlane
  • We currently havereturned genealogies for 110 members, an additional 47 members since last report. We have new genealogies for Weavers, Wilsons, Galloways, Wiers, Blacks,Millers Knoxes, Allens, and all variations of MacFarlanes.
  • Andrew continues to add our new member’s genealogies to his database at http://www.clanmacfarlanegenealogy.infoand to resolve conflicts in information as it arises.
  • The MacFarlaneproject has over 316 members with a variety of surnames. Of those members, 234 have ordered at least the Y-DNA 37 marker test for males, and 78 haveordered the Family Finder test which allows women to find matches fromboth the male and the female sides of their ancestry. Terrance Gach MacFarlane continues to administer our project, with five assistants to help people with theirunderstanding of results and genealogy help as well.
  • We are involved in an outside case study using data analysis to further refine the Cadet lineage and trace its DNA origins by ordering specialized tests for SNPs DF63, and CTS6919 which narrow down the lineage from the L21 group.


Web/Facebook/Internet – Marie reporting for Karen McFarlin


  • Committeeconsists of Preston McFarland, Karen McFarlin, and newest member Chuck Poland.
  • Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. is the Facebook site. We now have 327 members, whereas last year at this time we had 81 members.There is a link on our CMW website to the Facebook page.


Heritage Committee – Peter McFarlin


  • Clan MacFarlane Worldwide’s Heritage Committee continued throughout the past year with its original members; Peter McFarlin chair, Terrance MacFarlane, Andrew MacFarlane, Preston McFarland and David Starbuck. Neal McFarland became a member in March of 2013.
  • Wrote a column for each Loch Sloy! issue.
  • In May, the chairman traveled to Arrochar, Scotland for seven days of participation in the Hidden Heritage community archaeologic investigations of Tarbet Isthmus. This is where the Lennox/MacFarlanes met (and fought) the Vikings in 1263 as they dragged their longboats over into Loch Lomond.
  • He met and worked with various Arrochar/Tarbet folks. CMW increased rapport and goodwill with people and organizations of the community. Then he traveled by boat to the four MacFarlane (once-fortified) Islands; Tarbet, Inveruglas, Ellan Vhow and Ardleish (Vanow).
  • Wrote up and promoted the MacFarlane Mill dig at Portchaple (Inveruglas).


Fiscal – Jim MacFarlane


  • Committee consists of Jim MacFarlane, Paula McFarland, Laurie Jackson.
  • We now have two full years of data for income and expenses and will be able to finalize a budget.


Elections – Marie Robb speaking for Neal McFarland

  • Announced and introduced the three candidates for the Board of Directors: PeterMcFarlin, current Board member, and two new candidates, Betsy McFarland,and Chuck Poland. Betsy is currently on the Gatherings Committee, andChuck is going to be working on the Internet Committee.


Publications Committee – Steve Robb


  • Committeeconsists of Steve Robb and Marie Robb
  • Therewill be a new column in The LochSloy! by Piper Arvey McFarland concerning Celtic music. Steve thankseveryone for their contributions which make each Loch Sloy! a continued success.


Mary Haggarty – Peter McFarlin

  • Mary Haggarty has been selected by the Board for a Distinguished Fellow membership in Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. for her fourteen years of service to Arrochar heritage. She maintains the Arrochar , Tarbet & Ardlui Heritage Group web-site that furthers the knowledge of our Scottish MacFarlane heritage at


Selecting the AMM site for 2015


  • Discussion about three possible locations: St. Louis, Halifax Nova Scotia, and Pleasanton, California. Laurie spoke for Pleasanton, saying it was the largest games in U.S., near SanFrancisco, and would offer our west coast members a break from theirtravels east.
  • Jim MacFarlane made motion to acceptPleasanton, Dottie MacFarlane seconded. Motion passed.



Adjournment – Marie

We accomplished all of this in one hour’s time!

Photos from our meeting:

Ian and Dottie MacFarlane

President Marie Robb speaking

VP Peter McFarlin



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