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Helping To Connect You With Your Heritage

Welcome to Clan MacFarlane Worldwide!

If you're like the rest of us you have no doubt found yourself pondering your heritage. Maybe your interest was nurtured as a child or maybe it was just discovered. Either way, we're glad your interest has led you here and we invite you to become part of our worldwide, yet tight, community. Our goals are to educate, share, and take pride in our heritage.

We are MacFarlanes of all spelling variations, McGaws, Spruells, Robbs, Millers, Websters, Weavers, Blacks and many others. Together we form a organization that's kept by the strongest of bonds... family. We answer to the call Loch Sloy, we carry the arms of our forefathers, we preserve the heritage that is so uniquely yours and ours.

It is with your support that the heritage of Clan MacFarlane will continue to thrive for another 800 years. Please join today.

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2010 Founders Meeting Recap

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc.

Founders’ Meeting

September 11, 2010

Estes Park Colorado, Rams Horn Inn

Members Present:

Randy McFarland,  Arizona

Cheryl McFarland, Arizona

Laurie McFarland Jackson, California

Don Jackson, California

Mary Helen Haines, Texas

Michael Haines, Texas

Steve Robb, Kansas

Marie Robb, Kansas

Maxi Fitzjarrald, Illinois

Paula McFarland, Utah

Preston McFarland, Utah

Cmell Weaver, California

Betsy McFarland, Texas

Sandy Morgan, Texas

Kip Morgan, Texas

Members Present Via Teleconference:

Andrew MacFarlane, New Zealand

Douglas McFarland, California

Claudia Callaway, Georgia

William Callaway, Georgia

Jeanette MacFarlane,  

Neal McFarland, Florida

Members Present Via Proxy:

Jim McFarland, Alabama

Jo McFarland, Alabama

Terrance Gach MacFarlane, Georgia

Ian McFarlane, Georgia

Dottie McFarlane, Georgia

JoBeth Fjell, Arizona

Bill Bates, Wyoming

Chris Tuttle, California

Mary Cyr Tuttle, California

Welcome and Call to Order – Randy McFarland:

Logo – Randy McFarland:

Randy presented the logo (see above), asking it be approved as our official logo.  It was designed by Claudia Callaway and was heartily approved.  

Newsletter – Randy McFarland:

A working title of “Loch Sloy” has been used.  

T-shirts – Randy McFarland :

Shirts worn by members for the weekend were designed and produced by Douglas McFarland.  They are available at www.cafepress for $21 plus $5 shipping.  Tent hosts and others may contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more orders and design requests.  He is able to provide other types of merchandise with our designs on them as well.  

Long Term Goals – Laurie McFarland Jackson

The goals were read, revised, and approved.  See the goals, below:

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc.

Long Term Goals

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. is a society that will work to research, collect, preserve, and share the physical, cultural, historical, literary, and genealogical documents, relics, and aspects of Clan MacFarlane.  The Board will revisit these goals annually with members approving them each year.

We are a society that will build lasting relations with the inhabitants of our ancestral lands and with our cousins around the world.  

We will help our global family’s young people find their way in the world by helping support them in their studies by way of an annual scholarship.   (Support competitors – athletes, dancers, musicians - who reach a certain level, with competition entrance fees, etc.)

We will seek to re-establish the line of our chief and matriculate our arms.   We will assist with the search for family roots and connections to stimulate and inspire among the members, the pride and spirit of their ancestors, with particular emphasis on the ancestry of the members as it pertains to the surname of MacFarlane and the surnames of the septs historically associated with clan.

  1. CMW will continue to expand the level of support we give our commissioners who distribute most of our educational materials and teach clan history and culture to clansmen and the interested public.

It is a goal of CMW to continue to improve the quality and quantity of the type of educational materials that we distribute at an ever-increasing number of games.

If these goals appeal to you and you believe in them as strongly as we do, we gladly extend Ceud Mile Failte (a hundred thousand welcomes) to you! Nothing is as strong as the bond of family. We hope you will join us, take an active part in the society, attend as many games and gatherings as your time permits, and visit the society’s website frequently in order to stay connected.    

Homecoming 2014 – Randy McFarland:

Janet Robertson, Thistle Dubh, is planning a tremendous trip for our clan to coincide with Scotland’s Homecoming 2014.  She is interested in input from us as to sites and adventures we would like to include in the itinerary, which will come out shortly.   Preston will create a forum on the website for input on the trip itinerary.   Mary Helen and others are interested in visiting the vicinity of County Tyrone in Northern Ireland for genealogy purposes.  Randy McFarland expressed an interest in Gartartan.  Randy read the following letter from Janet with her regrets for missing the meeting due to illness:  

Hello Randy,

I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and congratulations to you all on this very special weekend as you enjoy your Founders Meeting.  I apologize that I will not be there to join you, but I am in bed with the flu.  I guess someone has too!  I did manage to get on to your website and sign up as a member in an advisory role.  I am very excited to hear all of your updates, and if there is anything I can assist you with then please ask away!

Please pass on my very best to everyone and I look forward to forging a wonderful itinerary with everyone’s input for your next visit to Scotland .  I have almost finished my initial suggestion to get us started, and as soon as I am feeling back to normal I will get that finished and over to you, and we can go from there.

I am in very close contact with the executives at Event Scotland , Visit Scotland (tourist board) and the Provost’s office in Stirling .  As yet there are no details available on how the “Son Of Homecoming Year 2014” will come together.  The only things that are defined at the moment are the Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games.  There will be a meeting on September 29 to discuss further the plans for 2014, and the Provost’s office will get back to me after that with further details.  Event Scotland and Visit Scotland were the key players in delivering the Homecoming events in 2009 and are hopeful that they will be invited to do the same for 2014.  They have suggested that they should hear before the end of this year on what their involvement will be, and who the de3livers will be.  I will receive an update once they know.  Likewise Visit Scotland is also in the same boat waiting to see what will be announced.  The next years leading up to 2014 will be theme years in Scotland with 2011 being the year of The Islands, 2012 being the year of Active Scotland and so on.

As you know The Gathering was a private company responsible for the Clan Gathering event in 2009, and sadly they are in the process of being liquidated.  Due to the loss from the event, then a detailed audit and inquiry is still ongoing to decide how the loss will be handled.  This is shadowing what government involvement will be necessary for the next possible gathering, and what funding will be required.  Until this is resolved then things are still very much up in the air.  Again as soon as I have an update I will keep you posted.

Should you receive any publications detailing when the next Gathering will be in 2014 then I would strongly suggest you question their source, as I can categorically state that at this time no plans are in place, and everything is still to be decided.  The will to do it all again is definitely there in Scotland , but the funding is something that will need to be worked out before anything is announced.  

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Best Regards,


Thistle Dubh Enterprises, LLC

Committee Chair Reports

Treasurer – Paula McFarland:   She has a BA in Finance, a minor in Accounting.  She works for the IRS.  Her employer has given her permission to hold this office, but she will excuse her self in matters that conflict with her employment.  We have over $600 from membership fees.  She will set up a checking account with a national bank.  Our only expenses have been online expenses of $100.  We have not yet finished our charitable status, but she will start the paperwork.  Donations can be sent to Paula at 3836 South 5000 West, West Haven, Utah 84401.  

Website – Preston McFarland:   He works for a software company and is a Java user.  Our website will be the biggest repository of information.  He needs submissions from us all to build content.  

Genealogy - Mary Helen Haines:  Mary Helen has been working on MacFarlane genealogy for ten years.  Her committee members include Andrew MacFarlane, who has built a fantastic data base of the MacFarlane family tree, and Terrance Gach MacFarlane.  Terrance  was the original Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc. (CMSI) genealogist.  Mary Helen will assist members with the technology of GEDCOMs and specializes in American MacFarlanes/McFarlands.  Andrew will add family tree data to his database and specialize in Australia and New Zealand MacFarlanes.  This data base belongs to Andrew, as it is his work up to this point.  Terrance will be our expert on MacFarlanes in Scotland and with the DNA Project.  

Mary Helen wanted to clearly explain that the Family Tree DNA Project belongs to no clan or society.  It is a business owned solely by FTDNA.  

Games – Randy McFarland: There are 1,000 games worldwide.  He has chosen some initial games and has contacted the organizers re:  our interest in hosting tents.  He is looking for volunteers to host tents and to be Regional Commissioners with others working under them throughout those regions.  As money comes in, we will help to defray the costs incurred for hosting duties.  His committee will develop a tent guide.  Merchandise sales will have a percentage go back to the society to help raise funds.  

Membership – Cmell Weaver:   The application is online. Members who signed up before the application was upgraded will be sent an email asking them to revisit their information. Hard copies will be available at game tents and upon request.  The applications will be available in a pdf. format to print as needed.  Membership fees can be paid with Paypal and by checks sent to our Treasurer.  

This committee needs the following help:   Director to supervise and assist, Clerical to input data and process forms, Retention to keep members invested in the society, Recruitment to grow our membership.  

Chaplain – Randy McFarland:   Randy explained via a letter from our society chaplain, Chris Tuttle, that a chaplain in a non-secular organization sets aside his personal convictions to serve those of all faiths. Reverend Tuttles’ letter is as follows:

Greetings and Loch Sloy from San Diego!

Mary and I are so excited and blessed to be a part of the new Clan MacFarlane Worldwide.  An organization that we believe was NOT put together just a few months ago.  We are convinced that CMW was born in 2006, in the back (and front) of a tour bus in the Highlands of Scotland!  You could feel the gears turning in the minds and the souls of some of the Clan of what the Clan MacFarlane could be… what it should be… or simply, what should be added to make it more stronger, more united… We are so honored to have witnessed its humble beginnings!

To be asked to not only serve as Clan Chaplain of the new CMW but as an Officer, is an honor and I hope and pray to give as much as I can to help in its growth and International acceptance.  

Some have wondered and, have even questioned, why there is a Chaplain in a non-secular organization, it’s a valid question and those that ask may not fully understand the meaning of a Chaplain, his or her duties and responsibilities.  In a nutshell, a Chaplain serves as a Spiritual Advisor.  Having to put all personal religious convictions on hold to serve those of all Faiths, Beliefs and yes, even non-beliefs.  A Chaplain can be a Reverend, Minister, Priest or Rabbi.  Their duty is to serve the organization in support and encouragement.  I do so gladly and thank the Officer’s of the Clan MacFarlane Worldwide for the consideration and the trust.  I’m here to serve.

Mary and I wish we could be there in person to share in the magic of this most wonderful occasion.  We are with you ll in Spirit and pray for a celebration of happiness and brotherhood.  May you be blessed with great health and safe travels.

An Old Scottish Welcome Prayer… May you always find three welcomes… In a garden in the summer,  At a fireside during winter, and whatever the day or season, In the kind eyes of a friend.  Cead mile failte.

Loch Sloy!

The Rev. and Mrs. Christopher MacFarlane and Tuttle, FSA (Scot)

Chaplain – Clan MacFarlane Worldwide

Founding Board of Directors Members:

1 year term – Randy McFarland, Laurie Jackson, Marie Robb

2 year term -  Mary Helen Haines, Sandy Morgan, Jim MacFarlane

3 year term – Andrew MacFarlane, Paula McFarland, Chris Tuttle

Annual Membership Meetings (AMM):  

2011 – Stone Mt, Georgia (3 rd weekend in Oct.)   

2012 – Thanksgiving Point, Utah (3 rd week of June)

2013 – Williamsburg, Virginia (October 1 st and 2 nd )

2014 – Scotland

By-Laws – Marie Robb:  

Marie and her committee members, Sandy Morgan and Maxi Fitzjarrald, researched models of By-Laws used by other organizations as a foundation for ours.  Many drafts and rewrites ensued with input from members via email.  Four hours was spent reading each line and article with on-going editing until finally the entire document was approved.  The approved document will be posted on the society website.  

Honorary Members – Marie Robb:

It was approved that Elizabeth Macfarlane and two others were to be honorary members.  This will give them full membership benefits, but will free them from payment of membership fees for life.  

Adjournment – Randy McFarland:

A special thanks to Maxi Fitzjarrald for the special whiskey which made the evening go verrrrra well.  

A big thank you goes to Preston for working to organize the teleconference experience.