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Helping To Connect You With Your Heritage

Welcome to Clan MacFarlane Worldwide!

If you're like the rest of us you have no doubt found yourself pondering your heritage. Maybe your interest was nurtured as a child or maybe it was just discovered. Either way, we're glad your interest has led you here and we invite you to become part of our worldwide, yet tight, community. Our goals are to educate, share, and take pride in our heritage.

We are MacFarlanes of all spelling variations, McGaws, Spruells, Robbs, Millers, Websters, Weavers, Blacks and many others. Together we form a organization that's kept by the strongest of bonds... family. We answer to the call Loch Sloy, we carry the arms of our forefathers, we preserve the heritage that is so uniquely yours and ours.

It is with your support that the heritage of Clan MacFarlane will continue to thrive for another 800 years. Please join today.

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2011 - 1st Annual Membership Meeting

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide will be at the Stone Mountain Games just outside of Atlanta, Georgia from October 14th - 16th. This will be the venue of our 1st ever Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday the 15th.

Come join us at one of the premier Highland Games events in the U.S. There will be a number of events at the host Hotel (The Hilton) over the weekend, beginning Friday with events like a Genealogical Program, Whiskey Seminar and Tasting, Music Recital, Scottish Country Dance Gala and more. For those who wish to mingle, I am sure there will be a good number of your fellow CMW members visiting the hotel "Pub" Friday evening, so come and join us! On Saturday the Games begin in earnest at 8AM, with all of the usual activities, Dancing, Vendors, Athletic Games, and of course CLANS! The opening ceremonies will begin at 12 Noon and we hope a large contingent of CMW Members will participate.

Our 1st ever Annual Membership Meeting will begin at 2PM at the Meeting Tent. We have a lot of topics to cover, not the least important of which, will be the Election of Board Member results being announced. Please plan on being present at the meeting, because your opinion matters! After the Games come to a close for the day, everyone is invited to join all of your CMW members at The Iron Thistle Pub which is located just down the street from our host Hotel. The Manager (John) has promised a special menu for CMW and will have a section of the Pub set aside for us. There will be entertainment at the Pub that evening, so come join in the fun at our impromptu Ceilidh. On Sunday we will return to the Games (8AM) and we will once again proudly represent CMW and ALL MacFarlanes! There will be more opportunity to demonstrate your MacFarlane pride with the Parade Of Tartans on Sunday at 1:00PM, so do yourself and CMW proud by participating.

Hope to see many of you there!

Randy McFarland - President, Clan MacFarlane Worldwide