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Welcome to Clan MacFarlane Worldwide!

If you're like the rest of us you have no doubt found yourself pondering your heritage. Maybe your interest was nurtured as a child or maybe it was just discovered. Either way, we're glad your interest has led you here and we invite you to become part of our worldwide, yet tight, community. Our goals are to educate, share, and take pride in our heritage.

We are MacFarlanes of all spelling variations, McGaws, Spruells, Robbs, Millers, Websters, Weavers, Blacks and many others. Together we form a organization that's kept by the strongest of bonds... family. We answer to the call Loch Sloy, we carry the arms of our forefathers, we preserve the heritage that is so uniquely yours and ours.

It is with your support that the heritage of Clan MacFarlane will continue to thrive for another 800 years. Please join today.

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Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc

Annual Membership Meeting

June 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah


Members Present – Randy & Cheryl McFarland, Maxi Fitzjarrald,

Steve & Marie Robb, Kip & Sandy Morgan, Craig MacFarlane, Lynn McFarland Allgier, Annette Macfarlane, Karen & Peter McFarlin, Paula & Preston McFarland, Greg McFarland, Don & Laurie Jackson, Cmell Weaver, Deb Kleiss. Proxy for Mary Helen Haines given to Marie Robb.


Welcome and Call to Order/President’s Report – Randy McFarland

  • Our membership has grown from 20 to almost 400 in two years.
  • We will have elections of board members every year to keep in fresh ideas and energy.
  • CMW stands behind the Heritage Center, we wish them great success.

A huge thank you to our Delegates, Preston & Paula McFarland, and Brad Smith for a museum-quality tent and warm welcome.


Vice-President’s Report – Marie Robb

We continue with the quarterly publication of the Loch Sloy! Newsletter with contributions from fellow members. The next issue will be released on the 11 th (think good thoughts for the editor and me).

Members have completed the first on-line voting process for changes to the Bylaws.

Members have completed the first annual election for Board members.

The Board of Directors have completed their first annual election of the executive members.

We have created our own Facebook page, which complements our web page.

We have created and placed our first advertisement in an international publication, The Highlander, and paid for that advertisement through the generous contributions from fellow member, Greg MacFarland, Colorado.

We have placed information with The Highlander about the incredible win of Best of Clans at our Annual Members’ Meeting in Estes Park, Colorado last September. Please look for the information in the next issue of the Highlander (Aug/Sept).

We have secured 2 MacFarlane athletes, Joey Grieshaber and Jamie Channel, and sponsored several of their upcoming athletic competitions with financial support. In return, they will proudly represent CMW at the athletic events, wearing the MacFarlane tartan sport kilt as well as our t-shirts (when allowed).

We have secured a sport kilt for Jamie Channel, through a very generous but anonymous donation.

We have added Delegates to our fold: Neal McFarland, Florida; Marty Webster, Ohio; Don and Laurie Jackson, California; Greg MacFarland, Colorado and New Mexico; Charlie and Harriet MacFarlane, Virginia; Karen and Peter McFarlin, Connecticut and New York.

We have continued to gain users on our incredible web page:

We are making new friends and locating family every day.


Secretary’s Report – Laurie McFarland Jackson

Board meetings are via conference call so geography need not be an issue to any members interested in serving .


Treasurer’s Report – Paula McFarland.

  • Paula is working with Fiscal Committee Chairman, Jim Macfarlane to establish a bookkeeping system for budget purposes.
  • We have money in the bank. Our largest expenses have been to support our M’F athletes, purchase of David Starbucks books, banners for delegate use.
  • Our accounts are with Wells Fargo. Deposits may be made by anyone from any WF branch by simply indicating the money is for CMW.
  • Tax filings are complete.
  • Paula moved, Sandy Morgan gave a 2 nd, that she have permission to pay $450 for our Non-Profit Determination letter. Motion passed.

She encouraged all to work to move non-paying fellow members to paying members.


Membership Committee – Sandy Morgan

  • We have 382 members up from 211 last year. We have two honored members.
  • She updates the database constantly so that voting records, family connections, and delegate reports can be accessed.
  • Sandy and committee have created and use the following forms in keeping with our By-laws: membership applications, certificates, interest form, genealogy form, name tags.
  • An online Drop Box folder has been established by Mary Helen Haines so forms can be accessed for use by tent delegates.

Her new goal is to update all family memberships to two email addresses for voting purposes.


Genealogy Committee – Mary Helen Haines

We currently have returned genealogies for 42 members. However, through

Andrew’s database at , we have access to much, much more.


  • During this year, we have helped many people researching their family lines, have monitored various web-sites and responded to queries referring people to either the CMW web-site, or to Andrew’s database. We have encouraged participation in the Family Tree DNA Project (FTDNA) and brought in new members to both CMW and FTDNA.
  • We are involved in an outside case study using data analysis to further refine our Cadet lineage and trace its DNA origins.

Mary Helen’s goal for next year is to increase the return of genealogy forms from our CMW members.


Nominating/Election Committee – Neal McFarland

Seven members were nominated to run for election. Of these, two are not eligible to run, because they presently hold office, and one declined running for election to serve on the board 2013-15, leaving four eligible candidates who intend to run. They are as follows: Mary Helen Haines, Sandy Morgan, Ron McFarland, and Gregor James McFarland.


Publications Committee – Steve Robb

The quarterly publication “The Loch Sloy” is a labor of love. He appreciates the submissions by members that send in… family stories, book reviews, Scottish history, recipes, jokes (he needs a lot of these – suitable to print for all ages.), game reports, competition results and stories (athletes, pipers, dancers, dogs, etc.) The next issue will be out next week and will include minutes from the AMM.


Merchandise Committee - Laurie McFarland Jackson

Preston has books on the website to be purchased.

Laurie has the black “This I’ll Defend” t-shirts

Randy has the blue globe logo t- shirts.

Laurie has hundreds of yards of modern hunting tartan ribbon.


Facebook Page – Karen McFarlin

Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc. is the site. We now have 81 members. There is a link on our website to the Facebook page. We welcome pictures, positive comments and stories. Invite your family and friends on.


Future AMMs – Randy McFarland

* 2013 will be Altamont, New York (Capital District Albany, New York. 100 clans, Labor Day weekend.) Peter McFarlin will be the point person.

* 2014 Scotland – dates to be determined by the Homecoming Committee in Scotland.

* Nominations for 2015 AMM included Grandfather Mt, North Carolina middle of July, and Dunedin on west gulf coast of Florida middle of April.


Scotland Trip July 2014 – Randy McFarland

  • The Clans Celebration (“The Gathering” is not to be used) in the Stirling area will be July 11-13, so the trip will be organized around those dates. We will spend 7 days in Northern Ireland and 7 days in Scotland.

Suggestions for activities are welcomed as nothing is in stone yet. Cmell Weaver recommended the Ulster Living History Museum, and Peter McFarlin suggested the Auchindrain hamlet in Scotland, six miles south of Inverary.


David Starbuck – Peter McFarlin

· David Starbuck, Ph.D., Archeology Professor for Plymouth State University, New Hampshire, is continuing his studies.


Other Business – Randy

Pursuit of Arms from Lord Lyon’s Office/related fundraising - Marie

CMW must be in existence for 5 years. We will need $6,000 for the application.

Clan Tent Bible – Cheryl McFarland

Cheryl is putting together a guide for delegates to ease their days as they set up their tents.

Monterey, CA games July 7-8, 2012 hosted by Don and Laurie Jackson


Donation to the Arrochar, Tarbet and Ardlui Heritage Group – motion by Laurie Jackson for $500 donation, Cmell Weaver gave 2 nd, approved. Purpose is to promote good will and send thanks for their work to support the recording of our history. The group’s latest project is to show the building blocks of how the villages grew through the production of five banners funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Argyll and Bute Council, and Scottish and Southern Energy. The address of the group’s website is: .

It was noted that many of CMWs members have already donated to the M’F Heritage Trust fund.



Adjournment - Randy




Photos from the Thanksgiving Point, Lehi, Utah Annual Members’ Meeting, 8-9 June 2012



Clan Tent at Thanksgiving Point : Members present at the Meeting

Close-ups of Tent Artifacts and Displays