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 USING SCOTLAND’S MAPS  - PART I (by PFM) from Loch Sloy! March 2013, rev May 2015

Scotland has one of the finest collections of maps and charts in existence. For members of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, and their descendants coming originally from Arrochar, Loch Lomondside and Gartartan in Scotland, one of the very best sources is the National Library of Scotland (NLS) located in Edinburgh and available on line at Quoting them; “In our Map images resource you can access and view over 48,000 maps as high-resolution, colour, zoomable images. The maps date between 1560 and 1961 and relate primarily to Scotland.”

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(P F McFarlin in Loch Sloy!  pp 25, 26 - Sept 2012)

Four ships are presented here which were made in or near Glasgow, Scotland from the 1800's up to 1943 during World War II.

Some were sailing vessels and others steam propulsion. With photos.

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The Scottish Nation: Or the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, and Biographical History of the People of Scotland

Our MacFarlane History - Andrew Macfarlane

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The Scottish Nation: Or the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, and Biographical
History of the People of Scotland
By William Anderson 1862

MACFARLANE, the name of a clan descended from the ancient earls of the Lennox, the distinc­tive badge of which was the cypress. In ancient times the land running the western shore of Loch Lomond, from Tarbet upwards, and the greater part of the parish of Arrochar, was inhabited by " the wild Macfarlane's plaided clan." From Loch Sloy, a small lake near the base of Ben Voirlich, which formed their gathering place, they took their slughoni or warcry of ―Loch Sloy! Loch Sloy!‖ In Gaelic Loch Sluai signifies "the Lake of the host or army."

The remote ancestor of this clan was Gilchrist, a younger brother of Malduin, third earl of Lennox. By a charter of the latter, still extant, he gave to his brother Gilchrist a grant " de terris de superiori Arrochar de Luss," which continued in possession of the clan till the death of their last chief, Gil­christ's son, Duncan, also obtained a charter of his lands from the earl of Lennox, and appears in the Ragman Roll under the name of Duncan MacGilchrist de Levenaghes. A grandson of this Duncan was named Bartholomew, in Gaelic abbreviated into Parian or Pharlan, and from him the clan adopted the surname of Macfarlane...

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