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Virginia Records for the Duncan McFarland Line



Researched by Mary Helen Haines


updated 2015 with new records supplied by Mary T. Haines


In attempting to straighten out the two McFarland lines in western VA, I have put together all the records that seem to pertain to Duncan McFarland and his sons and grandsons. I am leaving out the known records of the descendants of Robert McFarland who died in Lancaster Co. PA in 1751 (a separate booklet has been written about his descendants).  If I do refer to them, I will call them the Robert line, as opposed to the Duncan line. Both Robert and Duncan McFarland, came to Pennsylvania in the very earliest years of the major Irish immigration that started in 1718.



My Duncan McFarland family tree can be found at


Please know that this record has gaps and speculations and I welcome anyone’s additional information or changes based on researched evidence. Please feel free to contact me at



The Duncan McFarland family came to western Virginia and settled in an area that today is Bath Co. VA. As parts of the family moved south, they stayed in the valleys that followed the Jackson River, then Wolf Creek in what is Bland Co. today, and then further south along the Clinch River in what is Russell County. The names of the counties changed as new counties were added, therefore researching this family involves many different county records. In the earliest years it was all Augusta County.





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