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Family Story of Maxi Fitzjarrald

The story below was written by Gertrude "Gertie" McFarlane Fremling. Her father Wilbert McFarlane (born 22 Sept. 1898 died 31 Oct, 1943) and my mother Margaret (Maggie) McFarlane (born 6 Oct. 1892 in North Dakota, and died July 5, 1978) were brother and sister.

Maggie and Wilbert’s parents (my grandparents) were Neil McFarlane born March 6, 1847 in Canada, who died May 26, 1917 in the U.S. and was married to Agnes Manning who was born March 16, 1850, and died July 15,1914

My cousin, Gertrude (Gertie) McFarlane Fremling passed away and her funeral was Saturday Sept. 25th, 2010. This is a true story she wrote probably back in 1994. Her daughter, Paulette Porters, gave me permission to submit this.

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