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My Friend and Grandfather, J.B. McFarland

My Friend and Grandfather, J.B. McFarland
By Myron Boyd McFarland, Jr.

This article was previously published in the Fence Post Country Reader, Caliente, California in October 2001

Some information was added from the History of Kern County, California, Biographical; published by S.J Clarke Publishing Co, 1929, Chicago. The additions were made by Myron‘s daughter, Laurie McFarland Jackson.

James Boyd McFarland was born in December, 1861 in Woodsfield, Ohio, of Scotch and German descent. His parents were Andrew and Catherine (Harmon) McFarland, the latter a relative of the late Governor Harmon of Ohio. He vaguely remembered that his mother took him to the railroad station to see the troops coming back from the Civil War. The ladies gathered together food and drink to feed the hungry travelers.

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