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Twigs to Trees


Twigs to Trees

March, 2022

Mary Helen Haines

 Twigs to Trees


Welcome to 2022! I am constantly amazed at how quickly time goes by. This is the 46th Twigs to Trees I have written since our inception in July 2010. We have published over 400 members’ abbreviated pedigrees like the ones below, but would love to have all our other 400 plus members who have not submitted their lineages to please join us in our efforts to make connections.

If you have any special stories to share about men and women in your lineage, please let me know so we can find a place, either in our newsletter, or on our website, to share their stories. We don’t want to forget those special people who contributed to our heritage, and the best way to remember them is to put it in writing and release it to the Ethernet.

This past couple of months I began looking into the Scots-Irish families that came to Maine in the early 1700s as part of the movement from northern Ireland to New England. In particular, I researched three areas of Maine: Brunswick, Boothbay, and Bristol. The article is located here in this website:


MCFARLAND: Tommy Dyche McFarland; Clifford Ray McFarland (1919 to 2004 Oklahoma), Clyde Dyche McF. (1886 MO to 1977 OK), Frank Emmett McF. (1852 MO to 1934 MO), William Anderson McF. (1811 NC to 1860 MO), Jesse McF. (1784 French Broad River to 1825 St. Francois, MO), John McF. (1738 PA to 1803 NC), John McF. (1708 Ireland to aft. 1785 TN), Robert McFarland, born abt. 1675 Northern Ireland, married to Jennet when he came to PA, died 1751 Lancaster Co. PA. Tommy joins our 70 plus members known to descend from this lineage.

MCALISTER: Nancy Sullivan Hudson; Margaret White (1917 AL to 1986 SC), Claudius Payton White (1877 GA to 1946 AR), Alexander White (1834 SC to 1916 GA), Sarah McAlister (1809 SC to 1888 GA), Andrew McAlister (1768 Ireland to 1831 Anderson, SC), Alexander McAlister, born 1740 in Ireland, married to Sarah, died in Anderson South Carolina in 1810. Nancy’s line of McAlisters is DNA connected to the Cadet line of MacFarlanes back in Scotland that was discussed in the December 2021 Twigs to Trees.

MCFARLAND: Thomas C. McFarland; David Frederick McFarland (1922 Trumbull, OH to 2021 OH), William Reeves McF. (1900 OH to 1975 OH), William Wallace McF. (1872 Mercer PA to 1942 OH), Thomas Davis McF. (1840 PA to 1930 OH), Robert McF. (1815 OH to ?), Thomas McF. (1785 PA to 1862 Trumbull OH), Robert McFarland, born 1745 in northern Ireland, married to Martha Burnside, died in 1814 in Hartford, Trumbull County, Ohio.

MCFARLAND: Carol Davis McDonald; Charles Willis Davis (1921 IL to 1996 MO), Ida Pearl Davis (1893 MO to 1975 IL), Hershel M. Davis (1861 MO to 1864 MO), William Anna McFarland, born 1834 in MO to William McFarland, born 1800 unknown, married to Ann (possibly Bailey), died in 1832 in Washington County Missouri. It appears that father William died before her birth, and mother Ann died shortly after and the orphan child was named for both her parents and raised by the Bailey family. If anyone recognizes this William and Ann please let us know. Carol has been working on this part of her lineage for a long time.

MACFARLANE: Eric Arthur Nelson; Lucille Edith Anderson (1921 to 1982 Maine), Beatrice Lillian Perry (1896 to 1979 Maine), Edith McFarland (1875 to 1968 Maine), Millard Fillmore McFarland (1848 to 1940 Maine), Elijah McFarland (1814 to 1893 Maine), Josiah Marshall McFarland (1774 Dudley Massachusetts to 1853 in Kennebec Maine), Elijah McFarlin (1750 Massachusetts to 1827 Maine), Elijah McFarlin Sr. (1722 to 1745 Massachusetts), Solomon McFarlin (1691 to 1762 Massachusetts), Purthe McFarlin (MacVarlo), born in Scotland in 1644, married to Patience Russell in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1667, died in 1721 in the same place. Purthe is believed to be the earliest MacFarlane to come to the Americas.

As always, we look forward to working with you.

The CMW Genealogy Committee:

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Twigs to Trees

December, 2021

Mary Helen Haines


It is late November; the weather outside today is a breezy 80 degrees here in Texas. My family is looking forward to gathering for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we have all been triple vaxxed. I wish it was possible for the whole world to get vaccinated so we could get back to normal, but with outbreaks still occurring, it is hard to predict when that will happen. Our CMW trip to Scotland, originally planned for 2020, lost so many of the original participants that it had to be cancelled. Until we can be sure that countries will stay open and airline travel will be certain, it will be hard to plan another one.  

This quarter I have been working with our Irish members, as well as McFarlands descended from the early settlers in Massachusetts and Mercer County Pennsylvania.  The earliest MacFarlane immigrant to the American colonies was Purthe Macvarlo, who arrived about 1660, settled in Hingham Massachusetts and fathered 12 children with wife Patience Russell. DNA tests have confirmed he is a MacFarlane, just with very odd spelling by the first people who recorded his name. Our new member Heather represents a branch from Purthe we did not have in our database.

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Twigs to Trees

September, 2021

Mary Helen Haines


It is nice to see cooler weather arriving this September. We actually had a rather mild summer for Texas, but I know it was scorching elsewhere. In August, my family and a few relatives made a trek to Ladonia, Texas to check on our McFarland cemetery. The cemetery is tucked under a grove of trees in the middle of pasture north of the Sulphur River in Fannin County. Once family land; it was part of a 1280 land grant given to my ancestor James McFarland, who arrived in 1837, one year after Texas became a Republic. The oldest stone dates to 1852, the year James’ son William died. However, it is likely that there are earlier burials. In 1839 there were skirmishes with local Indians that resulted in at least one death: Daniel Davis, the earliest settler in the area. He and other Texas Rangers (my McFarlands included) were sleeping in his home, when Indians attacked and he was killed. His body and his family were moved to James McFarland’s home, three miles directly east, for protection. It is likely that Daniel was buried in what ended up becoming known as the McFarland cemetery. Today, a reservoir lake is being constructed on the Sulphur River and will encompass much of the McFarland and Davis land grants. The cemetery will be above the water line, so should be safe, but some of the McFarland descendants  wanted to check on it and make sure the Water Authority knew there were present-day people who knew and cared about its preservation.

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