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Twigs to Trees


Twigs to Trees

June, 2019

Mary Helen Haines

Welcome to summer! I just returned from the Texas Scottish Games held in Decatur, Texas. Sandy McFarland Morgan and Marie Robb hosted the tent, nicely decorated with the beautiful historical panels and drop-down posters about the Septs and clan map. It was great to visit with everyone since I couldn’t make it to our AMM in Woodlands.

Which brings me to a big surprise…one of my McFarland cousins did go to the Woodland games, met our clan, and started talking to Sandy about where his McFarland relatives lived. He mentioned Fannin County, Texas; so Sandy immediately said you must be related to Mary Helen. So, please welcome Pat Rattan to CMW, my third cousin, twice removed, who is a double McFarland.

I would like to honor Pat’s dad, Billy Joe McFarland, in this article. Billy was born in 1923 in Ladonia, Texas…the same town as my grandmother Lola McFarland. The Rattan family emigrated from North Carolina in the late 1700s, to Illinois by 1830, and Texas by 1837, where they were neighbors to the McFarlands during the Texas Republic.  Our common ancestor is Andrew Jackson McFarland, born 1817 in Missouri, who came with his father James E. McFarland to Fannin County, Texas in 1837, and married Artimissa Pence (yes, distantly related to the VP) in 1846. They had four sons, one was my great-grandfather James Franklin (b. 1847), and another was Billy’s great-grandfather John Ewing (b. 1849). John Ewing married his second cousin Nancy Bayless Horn (whose grandmother was Anna McFarland (sister to James E. above), which is how Billy came to be a double McFarland.



Twigs to Trees

March, 2019

Mary Helen Haines

Hello Clan members. Welcome to spring, and hopefully milder weather. In the previous Twigs to Trees,  I published the SNP breakdown for our largest group of testers in the MacFarlane DNA project at FTDNA. Most recently, as the result of new Big Y tests in the BY3019 group, we have discovered that SNP 146078 began with the birth of John McFarland, born 1739, the eldest son of John and Mary Montgomery McFarland. We know this because a descendant of John’s (b. 1739) youngest brother, Benjamin (b. 1747), did the Big Y, and did not share 146078.

Twigs to Trees #33 December, 2018

Twigs to Trees

December,  2018

Mary Helen Haines

Happy Holiday Season everyone. For this column I have tried to put together the most recent results of the Big Y testers that fall into Block 5 of the Big Y tree, RDF63. I can remember when I first joined the project with my two male cousins’ kits in 2006. At that time, we were only looking at STRs and all of the men mentioned below do match with STRs with varying degrees of closeness. There was no way to determine if they were 4th cousins or 18th cousins. That now seems eons ago; so much progress has been made since then. Today, with the Big Y test, we are able to see the development of different lineages over time and begin to figure out how far back we are all connected within a haplogroup.

I just received the Big Y results from my cousin’s kit and we discovered a new SNP associated with our line, so now we can say that all male McFarland descendants of John McFarland, born 1739 in Lancaster Co. PA, who married Mary Kinder in VA around 1763, will carry this SNP. However, until we have a tester who descends from John and Mary Montgomery McFarland’s other sons, we will not know if this SNP begins with John and Mary Kinder McF. or goes back to the parent or the grandparent. So, I am putting out the call for more male McFarlands from this lineage of Robert McFarland, born abt. 1675 in northern Ireland, married to Jennet, to do the full Big Y test when they can afford it. Or, if you carry the SNP BY3019 and do not descend from John and Mary Kinder McFarland, your Big Y test results will add to our knowledge of this line. Where and when does BY3019 begin?

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