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Twigs to Trees

December, 2020

Mary Helen Haines


I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday season this year, since there is very little we can do except relax. I personally have had the opportunity to read many books and watch lots of Netflix movies.  We also have been busy with the MacFarlane DNA project and receiving new results as more of our members received the results of their Big Y700 analysis.

In December 2018 and March 2019 I gave updates to our findings in the MacFarlane Project concerning the two largest groups of testers: the R-DF63 group ( and the   R-L1335/S530 group ( Today, I will concentrate on the largest groups of testers who have completed the Big Y700 and submitted their results to Alex Williamson’s Big Tree for secondary analysis. Of course, we all would like to understand how these SNPs relate to time periods. The currently accepted rate for a new SNP to appear is at an 82 year average. However, this is just an average and a multitude of things (birth order, age of parent) can cause the 82 year average to be different. For our purposes here, I will use the 82 average and begin with a known mutation that occurred in 1739 AD and work my way backwards in time. These are not absolutes, but at least it is a place to start.

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