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MacFarlane and Sept Family Lines on the Scottish Clans Website

What follows below are the family lines of CMW members who have chosen to share their genealogy and wish to make contact with other members of their line.

Each line starts with an abbreviation that relates to a particular Ancestor, his or her dates and locations, the ID* where they exist on the Scottish Clans genealogy website, and the members’ names from this line with their CMW ID. The Ancestor name and dates are hyperlinked to their page on the genealogy website; just hover your mouse over the name and click.  (*Note: the genealogy ID always begins with a capital I, followed by numbers.) If you notice a link that has changed, please notify the genealogy team.

The method for determining the abbreviation is the first letter, or letters, of their first name, followed by M standing for any of the MacFarlane variations, then a number. The list is arranged alphabetically under either MacFarlanes or Septs. Included in the MacFarlane list are Farlin and Parlin. 

The Sept names will follow the same formula. Included in the Sept list are names associated to MacFarlane by DNA, such as Black, Irvine, and McAlister.

If you wish to contact anyone on this list, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make contact.

In order to search the document, use Ctrl F and a search window will open. 

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