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Our McFarland History from Scotland to Texas

Chapter Four

McFarlands in Missouri


By Mary Helen Haines ©2014, updated 2023



The McFarlands from Haywood County North Carolina began making their way to Missouri as early as 1805. White settlers had been moving into the Louisiana Territory since 1804 with the resulting tensions and wars that were to be expected. Families that were present in Ste. Genevieve County in the very early years and intermarried with our McFarland family in Missouri include the Pettits and DeGuires.


The children of John (2) and Mary Kinder McFarland who moved to Missouri in the first and second decades consisted of Senator John McFarland (1764-1820), his brothers George (1769-bef. 1830), Jacob (1772-1846), James Ray (1773-1839), William (1775-1834), Reuben A. (1778-1867), David (1780-1835), Jesse (1784-1825), and sister Anna McFarland Cathey (1786-aft. 1850).  They came with their wives, husbands, in-laws, children and grandchildren.


The first son to move is believed to be George McFarland, married to Sally Jack. He sold his 100 acres in North Carolina to his brother John (3) in 1804, and moved away. Researchers believe he moved to Missouri and then sent word back to his family that prompted them to consider moving. The next to follow was brother William, born 1775, married to Susannah George. William sold his property in June, 1811 and headed west in the fall with his five eldest children, other cousins and George in-laws from Cocke Co.,TN as well as some Catheys from Haywood Co. NC. They settled in Ste. Genevieve County in what was called Cook’s Settlement* (Libertyville today).


William’s son, Houston McFarland was born in 1813 in Ste. Genevieve County. Anna McFarland Cathey, with her husband George Cathey, must have traveled with William. George Cathey made a preemption claim in Ste. Genevieve County in 1813, and they had a child, John Cathey, born in Missouri in 1813. James Ray McFarland had a son Walter Leftwich McFarland whose birth in 1813 is stated as Missouri, so he also arrived with the first group.


This early group arrived just in time to experience the worst earthquakes that have ever occurred in the United States. On Dec. 16, 1811 a massive earthquake in northeast Arkansas occurred, estimated to be between 7.7 and 8.2 in intensity. The shaking was felt as far away as New York City and Charleston, SC.  Two more large ones followed, on Jan. 23, and Feb. 7, 1812. The last was centered in New Madrid, Missouri on the Mississippi River; it leveled the town and killed about 100 white inhabitants. In all, there were 2000 small quakes in 5 months.


This is the way it was remembered by William’s son, John S. McFarland shortly before his death.


"In the winter of 1811 and 1812 the great earthquake occurred at New Madrid. The first shock was about the first of January, 1812. We were then living in a half-acre camp in the woods. The first shock was before day and the next was about daylight. It continued at intervals pretty much all the winter of that year. The family continued to reside in Cooks Settlement until the fall of 1816 when we removed to what was then called the Boonstick County, and settled about five miles south of Boonville in Cooper County, Missouri, about one half mile above where Rankins mill now stands…"



No wonder William and family decided to move further west.


However, they did not move until after the arrival of the second contingent of McFarlands and in-laws. Senator John (3) McFarland, his children- married and single, other siblings and in-laws began their move from North Carolina sometime after April 1815. This was a safer time to move; the Indian Wars in Illinois and Missouri mostly ended in 1815 and a final peace treaty had been signed by all 19 tribes in May, 1816. Of all the various moves our McFarland family had made since immigration to America, this one was the longest; a journey of around 350 miles. Family lore says that John’s wife Rebecca Bell McFarland, age 46, died on the journey somewhere in Kentucky. Maybe they had stopped in Adair County where brother Benjamin with wife Ruth Jack had moved in 1803. However, her date of death, September 14, 1816, is after their arrival in Missouri. Without Rebecca, John was left to care for four children under age 13: Nancy age 3, Joseph age 6, Sarah age 9, and Arthur age 12.



According to a newspaper article from Farmington, Missouri dated May 10, 1886, they settled in an area “in what was known in early days as the McFarland settlement, some seven or eight miles southeast of Farmington.” (See article below) It was just north of Cook’s Settlement, part of Ste. Genevieve County in the beginning, and then it became St. Francois Co. in 1822. The earliest land patents issued to a John McFarland and Reuben McFarland in 1824 refer to land that straddles both counties.


The following is part of the article about the McFarland settlement that was reproduced in the Fredericktown, Madison County newspaper dated October 14, 1927.


Farmington, May 10, 1886

Editor Democrat:-- During the year of 1815 or 1816, there came to this part of the country Reuben McFarland, John McFarland and others of the same name, and settled in what was known in early days as the McFarland settlement, some seven or eight miles southeast of Farmington. They were of the Cumberland Presbyterian religion, and old Uncle Reuben McFarland (as every one called him) was one of the most zealous men in the Master’s interest in this country. It was about the organization of the old Cumberland Presbyterian Church in that settlement, which was kept up by himself and his relatives as long as he lived, but after his death (which occurred some time in the fifties) the church was merged into the Methodist Church South, and the old house of worship was sold, and now does duty as a cow-barn for George W. Murphy. Uncle Reuben McFarland gave his influence and example to the Presbyterians of Farmington in the organization of their church, and was with them on all occasions when he could be of service; he was ma… known in this part of the country as any man of his day, and esteemed by all as one of the brightest milestones on the narrow way that leads above. During the same year there came to this settlement Thomas George, and his brothers, Reuben, Carrol, Jesse, and Lewis; there came with them several McFarlands, but I believe of no relation to the others. All the Georges except Thomas, and I believe all of the last named McFarlands left this place for Cooper County Missouri, and….


We can verify the dates of the second group of McFarlands through the births of various children. John (4) and Mary Fleming McFarland had one daughter Elizabeth in 1814 in N.C. and the next child, Louisa, in November, 1815 in Missouri. John and Mary made their home in St. Francois County until they moved to Texas around 1849, joining younger brother James.


The mistake in the newspaper article above is that these McFarlands were related, by blood and by marriage to the Catheys and Georges that came with them and that it was the earlier group that moved on to Cooper County, while the latter group stopped in Ste.Genevieve/St. Francois County.



Ste. Genevieve/St. Francois County McFarlands


4th Generation:


Sen. John McFarland (3):Feb. 28, 1764 in Bedford Co. Virginia. Married Rebecca Bell on July 20, 1786 in the area South of the Broad River, in what is Cocke County, TN today. They had 10 children.


Children: (5th generation):


John McFarland (4):Feb. 14, 1787 in Greene Co., Tenn. Married Mary Fleming abt. 1805 in Buncombe Co., NC Mary was born in 1785/86 in Virginia. He moved to Fannin Co., Texas around 1849 and died there in 1874.


Ann(a):April 23, 1790 in Greene Co., TN Married Joseph Hughes (b. 1792) abt. 1810 in Haywood Co. NC. They had daughter Amanda Hughes (1828-1907) who married Dudley Horn (1818-1874) in Missouri. Amanda and Dudley moved to Texas after Anna’s death, and their daughter Nancy Bayless Horn (1854-1928) married John Ewing McFarland in 1873. Amanda died in Gainesville, Cook Co., Texas. Ann(a) died Dec. 29, 1869 in St. Louis, MO.


William Bell: Nov. 16, 1792 in Greene Co., TN Married Nancy Elizabeth Smith on May 9, 1812 in Haywood Co., NC. Died Jan. 10, 1839 in Cooper Co., MO. (more about him in the section on Cooper Co.


James: January 20, 1795 in Jefferson Co., TN. Married Jane Jackson December 1, 1816 in Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri. Moved to Fannin Co. Texas in 1837. Died there Oct. 18, 1871.


Rebecca: Jan. 23, 1798. Married John Deaver Feb. 9, 1815 in Haywood Co., NC. Did not move to Missouri until the 1830s, and then to Texas by 1850. Died abt. 1859 in Sherman, Grayson Co., Texas.


Mary: June 3, 1800 in Buncombe Co., NC. Married 1st cousin Jacob McFarland on July 4, 1822 in St. Francois Co., MO. Jacob is son of Reuben A. McFarland and wife Martha Campbell. Mary died Jan. 30, 1857 in St. Francois Co., MO.


Arthur: May 19, 1803 in Buncombe Co., NC. Married Elizabeth McClure on Nov. 10, 1825 in St. Louis Co., MO. Married again Trypheney Cambelle in Ripley Co. MO on May 12, 1840. Died in 1850 in Texas Co., MO.


Sarah: April 14, 1806 in Buncombe Co., NC. Married November 10, 1822 to Carroll George in St. Francois Co., MO. Died May 14, 1877 in Cass Co., MO.


Joseph: January 10, 1809 in Haywood Co., NC. Married Nov. 12, 1833 in St. Francois Co., MO to 1st cousin Mary E. McFarland (daughter of Jesse and Isabella Henry McF., born July 24, 1807 in Buncombe Co., N.C.) Joseph died bef. 1870 in Avon, Ste. Genevieve, MO. The descendants have continued to live in this area.


Nancy Caroline McFarland: May 24, 1812 in Haywood Co., NC. Married Alexander Carson Sloan in 1829 in Cooper Co., MO. The family moved to Texas near her two older brothers before 1860. Died November 14, 1909 in Fannin Co., Texas.



Senator John McFarland (3) died July 20, 1820, only 56 years old, in Saline Township, Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri. It is not known where he was buried. He had an estate settlement that is recorded in the Ste. Genevieve courthouse records, Box 26.




TRANSCRIPT by Francis Terry Ingmire

Box 26---- St. Genevieve County, Missouri. At a Court in and for the County aforesaid at the town of St. Genevieve on the 25th day of May 1821, before Joseph Patte and James W. Smith Esq. Justices.

This day Sallie McFarland, Polly McFarland and Arthur McFarland, orphan children of John McFarland late of this County deceased who are above the age of fourteen years, came into Court and have made choice of John McFarland their brother as Guardian and Tutor to them respectively, and whereas it appears to the Court that there are two other orphan children of the said deceased namely, Joseph and Nancy McFarland who are under the age of fourteen years for whom the Court has appointed the said John McFarland as their guardian and tutor, and it appears to the Court that said children are entitled to and heir same unto, therefore order the said guardian enter into bond and security in the sum of twelve hundred dollars for securing and managing their estate-Whereupon the said guar­dian entered into bond and security which will (was) duly approved by the court, which said bond is approved in the following words and figures, to wit: "Know all men by these presents that John McFarland and William Davis (or Devir) of the County of St. Genevieve, of the State of Missouri are held and firmly bound unto Alexander McNair, Governor of the State of Missouri, and his successor in office in the penal sum of twelve hundred Dollars, which payment will truly be made. We Jointly and severally bond ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators firmly by these presence which is signed and sealed by us the 25th day of May l821. The conditions of this obligation is such that whereas the above bounden John McFarland has this day been duly appointed by the justices of the County Court in and for the County aforesaid, guardian and tutor of Sallie McFarland, Polly McFarland and Arthur McFarland minor orphan children of John McFarland late of the said County deceased, who made choice of said John as their Guardian. And also the Court has this day duly appointed him, said John guardian and tutor of Joseph McFarland and Nancy McFarland also minors and orphan children of said deceased, who are under the age of fourteen years. Now therefore if the said John McFarland above bounden shall, will and truly manage, save and keep from waste all such estate as shall come into his hands belonging to the said orphan children, and also all monies which at anytime shall come into his hands and possession belonging to them and shall wel1 and truly account for the same and in all other respects for the same and in all other respects shall and will truly discharge all and singular the duties required of him as Guardian aforesaid according to law, and shall from time to time will and truly render his account in the behalf according to law. Then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and effect.

In Witness there of

Joseph Pratte and James W. Smith Justices.


In the transcript of the 25th day of May 1821, the court assigned John (4) McFarland, the eldest son, to be guardian to the three siblings over 14 (Sallie, Polly, and Arthur.) Also he was to be guardian to the two more children under 14-Joseph and Nancy. Securing this bond with John McFarland was William Davis.


Frances Ingmire also found his estate sale. At the estate sale were other McFarlands that came from North Carolina, both siblings and cousins, John, Mary, Jesse, Reubin, Jesse, James, and another John. Other people that bought items and are associated with our family through marriage are Joseph Hughes and Bailey Fleming.


It was not till the 1830s and later when all the heirs were paid their share of the value of John Sr.’s land. In a series of documents in different counties, each heir was paid their portion by the eldest son John, who was buying their interest in Patent #514, 515, and 516 (240 acres), assigned to John McFarland and Heirs of John McFarland in 1828, Sect. 12, in Township 35N, Range 7E, near the town of Avon in Ste. Genevieve County. Each heir was paid $30.00 each for his part of the inheritance. (Ste. Genevieve Deed Bk. G, pp. 63-67)


This list included Anna McF. and husband Joseph Hughes, Jacob McF. and wife Mary (McFarland), William B. McF. and wife Nancy (Smith), Sally H. McF. and husband Carroll George, Nancy Caroline McF. and husband Alexander C. Sloan, Arthur McF., James McF. and his wife Jane (Jackson), and Joseph McFarland. The land was 240 acres and each brother/sister was paid for his part: the total divided by 8. This puts in question Rebecca McFarland. The only thing I can think is that since she and her husband had not moved to Missouri with the rest of the children, she was not a part of the original claim, therefore not to receive a part. Eventually, as John (4) was preparing to move to Texas, all these documents were gathered together in the Ste. Genevieve court records to create a clear title for son Joseph who was staying put. (Deed Records, Book G, pp. 63-67)


In 1824, Jesse McFarland died, and at his estate sale was James McFarland, Martin and George Sebastian, and Rucker and Elliott Jackson (brother and father to Jane Jackson McFarland, wife of our James.)  Some of the Sebastians and Jacksons also came to Fannin Co. Texas with James and settled on land near his claim and became relatives by marriage.



5th Generation:


James E. McFarland was born January 20, 1795 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. He married Jane Jackson on December 1, 1816, shortly after moving to Missouri. Jane, the daughter of Elliott and Sarah Cook Jackson (both from Culpeper and Orange Co.,Virginia), was born February 5, 1801 in Scott Co., Kentucky. Eleven children were born in St. Francois Co., Missouri from 1817 through 1836. Two more were to follow: Newton and Arthur on Texas soil. Other McFarlands followed; notably brother John and his children, their spouses and children, and sister Nancy Caroline, as well as niece Amanda Hughes. Jane’s brother, John Cook Jackson, also moved to Fannin Co.


Children, the 6th generation:

Andrew Jackson: September 3, 1817 in Ste. Genevieve Co., Missouri. Married Artemissa Pence on July 13, 1846 in Fannin Co., TX. Buried in McFarland Cemetery, Fannin Co., Texas.


John Ewing: October 4, 1819 in Ste. Genevieve Co., MO. Died before 1840 census. No one knows what happens to him, but he came to Texas, and his heirs (parents) were able to claim land in his name. Burial site unknown.


Sarah: April 3, 1821 in Ste. Genevieve Co., MO. Married Elijah Scott Sebastian on November 6, 1847 in Fannin Co., Texas and died there on November 30, 1903. Burial site unknown.


Anna: March 29 1823 in St. Francois Co., MO. Married Howard Etheridge and lived in Fannin Co. next to James and Jane. Died before 1880 census. Burial site unknown.


Albert: November 10, 1824 in St. Francois Co., MO. Married Catherine E. ukn. Died during Civil War on April 13, 1862. Burial site unknown.


Rebecca: October 3, 1826 in St. Francois Co., MO. Married Hezekiah Blankenship on Sept. 13, 1843 in Fannin Co., Texas. 2nd husband George Wilkerson. Moved to Oklahoma. Died 1889 and buried in Coleman Cemetery in Porum, Okla.


Jasper: August 10, 1828 in St. Francois Co., Missouri. Married Clarissa Cooper in Texas. Died in Hunt Co. Texas, buried in Clinton Cemetery, 4 miles north of Caddo Mills, Texas.


Cynthia Anne: June 21, 1830 in St. Francois Co., MO. Married James Calvin Tucker on October 27, 1846 in Fannin Co., Texas. Died before 1871. Burial site unknown.


James R.: August 25, 1832 in St. Francois Co., MO. Died coming home toward the end of the Civil War. Burial site unknown.


William: May 7, 1834 in St. Francois Co., MO. Died August 29, 1852 in Fannin Co., Texas. Buried in McFarland Cemetery north of Ladonia.


Mary Jane: May 30. 1836 in St. Francois Co, MO. Married 3 times. 1. Will Terry 2. Frank Sebastian 3. L.T. Cunningham. Died Feb. 14, 1878, buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery.


Newton: October 11, 1839 in Fannin Co., Texas. Married Sarah Carolyn Tucker on July 25, 1860 in Hunt Co., Texas. Died September 2, 1872 in Fannin Co. Burial site unknown.


Arthur: August 14, 1844 in Fannin Co., Texas. Married Mary Ellen Terry Chamblee. Died sometime close to 1899 in Chickasha, Indian Territory-Oklahoma, Burial site unknown. Civil war monument placed in McFarland cemetery.



Wow! Thirteen again—These are truly amazing women. How do you have a baby every two years, cook over open fires, wear home-spun clothes, and then move from one barely settled place to another to set up housekeeping again?


Jane Jackson was only 15 when she married James (who everyone called Jimmie) McFarland on December 1, 1816 in Missouri. Her birthplace has been variously stated as being Missouri or North Carolina, however she stated to the census takers in Texas that she was from Kentucky and her birth date is February 5, 1801. Her father is Elliott Jackson, from Culpeper Co., Virginia, son of Joshua Jackson; his name appears on the Scott Co., Kentucky census of 1800. It also was a family tradition that Jane was part Indian, however, that does not seem to reconcile with records that indicate her mother was Sarah Cook, daughter of John D. Cook and Mary Jane Mothershead of Orange Co. VA. Sarah was the sister of John Cook, the founder of Cook’s Settlement in Missouri. Elliott Jackson likely traveled from Scott Co., Kentucky with his cousin John Cook and then purchased land in Ste. Genevieve/St. Francois and Madison counties beginning in 1813. He later sold 151 acres in St. Francois Co. in 1826 to “his beloved son-in-law and daughter Jane and James McFarland.” He also sold them another 240 acres in 1831, as well as leased land to Reuben McFarland.


Our particular McFarland group is distinguished from the Reverend John McFarland family that settled in Ste. Genevieve County. Rev. John McFarland was born in Richmond Co. North Carolina in 1782, and came to preach the Methodist gospel in 1810 to the Missouri territory. He died in 1846 and is buried in the Old Stone Church Cemetery near Coffman in Ste. Genevieve County. This John was the son of a Duncan and Janet McFarland from Scotland, according to an obituary written at the time of his death.

There was also an Arthur McFarland, born in 1795 in Christian County, Kentucky who settled in adjacent Madison County, and married Louisa Morrow. Through DNA testing we now know that Arthur was a second cousin to James E. McFarland, born 1795 in Jefferson County, TN, sharing  the common ancestors John and wife Mary Montgomery McFarland.


McFarland related families in St. Francois Co. MO


5th Generation:

John McFarland, son of John and Rebecca Bell McFarland, brother to James E. McFarland, born 1787 in Greene Co., Tennessee, married to Mary Fleming abt. 1805 in North Carolina. Claimed land in Ste. Genevieve and St. Francois counties, sold his property and moved to Fannin County Texas in 1849 with several of his children. Mary died in 1855 and he died in 1874. Both are buried in OakRidge Cemetery in Fannin County, Texas.


John and Mary Fleming’s known surviving children (6th generation):


Newton: abt. 1810 in Haywood Co. NC, married Mary Catherine Pettit abt. 1840 in St. Francois Co. MO, had two sons, John Pettit McF., and Charles (Flat Land Charlie) McF. Newton died in 1847 in St. Francois County.


Sophia: abt. 1811 in Haywood Co. NC, married Francois DeGuire in 1827 in St. Francois Co., died before 1830 in MO. One daughter, Sophia Ann.


Elizabeth: abt. 1814 in Haywood Co. NC, married her brother-in-law Francois DeGuire on Nov. 28, 1830 after the death of her sister. Baptist minister Wingate Jackson (and brother to Elliott Jackson) did the honors at her father’s house in St. Francois Co. Eliza moved with her husband and father to Fannin Co. TX where she died August 29, 1853.


Louisa: Nov. 15, 1815 in Ste. Genevieve Co, MO, married Robert Stanhope Cox on March 9, 1836 in St. Francois Co. Moved to Fannin County with father, husband and children. Died there on Aug. 17, 1903 and is buried in the Ladonia Cemetery.


Rebecca B: April 5, 1820 in Ste. Genevieve Co., MO, married Robert Holmes Lane Nov. 26, 1840 in St. Francois Co. Moved to Bonham, Fannin Co. Texas with husband and father. Died July 3, 1895 and is buried in the Inglish Cemetery in Bonham.


Mary Emily: Nov. 10, 1824 in St. Francois Co. MO, married James Newton Pettit on May 16, 1844 in St. Claire Co., MO. Moved with husband and father to Fannin Co. TX. Divorced her husband in 1858. Died May 14, 1900, and is buried next to parents in OakRidge Cemetery, Fannin Co.




4th generation:

Reuben A. McFarland, son of John and Mary Kinder McFarland, born Feb. 19, 1778 in Montgomery Co., Virginia, married Martha Campbell in Jefferson County, Tennessee on Sept. 28, 1797, and died Oct. 4, 1858 in St. Francois Co., Missouri. It is this Reuben that is the subject of the newspaper article at the beginning of this chapter.


In Goodspeed’s 1888 History of Southeast Missouri, p. 656,

...Reuben and Martha McFarland, who moved from North Carolina to Tennessee and came from there to Missouri in 1814, locating in Liberty Township, St. Francois County, where they passed the remainder of their days. Mr. McFarland was a remarkable man. He was a natural mechanic, being a good blacksmith, gunsmith, carpenter, cabinet maker, etc., and used tools of his own making. He was also a man who made friends of every one with whom he came in contact. He made a clock that kept perfect time, and the violins of his making were equal to any purchased from dealers.


Reuben and Martha’s known children: (5th generation)


Jacob: Oct. 19, 1799 in Buncombe Co. NC, married Mary McFarland (daughter of John and Rebecca Bell McF) on July 4, 1822 in St. Francois Co. by Wingate Jackson, Baptist minister. Died on Jan. 5, 1864 in St. Francois County where he made his home next to his father’s. Jacob and Mary, along with several infant children are buried in the Smith/McFarland cemetery on their land.


Elizabeth: Sept. 13, 1804 in Buncombe Co. NC, married George H. Madison on Oct. 16, 1825. Died May 13, 1863 in St. Francois Co.


Mary: abt. 1803 in Buncombe Co. NC, married George Marks about 1823 and lived across Wesley Chapel Road from the McFarlands. Died about 1870.


Reuben Henderson: June 30, 1810, married Martha Benton on Feb. 15, 1835 in Gasconade Co. MO, then Mary Catherine Pettit, widow of Newton McFarland (son of John and Mary Fleming) abt. 1848. He died Dec. 13, 1867 in St. Francois Co.


Nancy Eveline: April 15, 1815 in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Married Mahlon Hughes on Sept. 21, 1837 in St. Francois Co. Died 1899 in Washington Co. MO.


Huston C: abt. 1818 in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Married Elizabeth Robinson on Oct. 19, 1837 in St. Francois Co. Lived in Saline twn. in 1850, and then Washington Co. MO in 1860. Not found after.








On Reuben’s land was an old clay pit, under a grove of trees, where bricks were made for the first brick houses in the area.




Jesse McFarland, son of John and Mary Kinder McFarland, born 1784 in Virginia, married Isabella Henry Boyd in North Carolina, and lived in St. Francois County until their deaths in 1825, and 1860 respectively. Isabella Henry, daughter of John Henry, must have been married to a Boyd before her marriage to Jesse. Their descendants are numerous and scattered widely. DNA tests have confirmed the relationship between Jesse’s branch and John’s.  Many of their children married their neighbor Samuel Vance’s children. Samuel Vance was born in Augusta Co. VA in 1774, moved to Christian Co. KY


Jesse and Isabella’s known children: (5th generation)


John H: Aug. 7, 1784, married Mary Amanda Frezelle on Sept. 23, 1831 in Washington Co. MO. but lived in St. Francois Co. till after his wife’s death in 1867. He then moved to East St. Louis, died there on Aug. 22, 1873.


Mary Eliza: July 24, 1807 in Buncombe Co. NC, married Joseph McFarland on Nov. 12, 1833 in St. Francois Co. MO (son of John and Rebecca Bell above), and remained in this county till death.


Rachel E: May 7, 1809 in Haywood Co. N.C. Must have died before the 1830 census. (Not to be confused with the Rachel McF. who married John Bean, and was born in Ireland.)


Willliam Anderson: Nov. 10, 1811 in Haywood Co. NC, married Elizabeth Honey Vance Oct. 31, 1838 in St. Francois Co., and died Feb. 26, 1860 in St. Francois Co.


Eli Newman: Sept. 24, 1813, Haywood Co. NC, married Ann Samuels on Dec. 14, 1837 in St. Francois Co., was living in St. Francois Co. in 1870 census and St. Michaels in Madison Co. in 1880. Named for Isabella’s brother, Eli Newman Henry.


Lucretia Matilda: Feb. 1, 1816 in Ste. Genevieve Co., MO, married William Routt Vance on Dec. 17, 1840 in St. Francois Co. MO, died Feb. 15, 1877 in Farmington, St. Francois, Co. MO.


Jesse Jackson: Jan. 13, 1818 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO, married Sarah Jane Vance on Dec. 16, 1840, died on Nov. 30, 1882 in Belleview, Iron Co. MO.


Isabella Melvina: 1820 in Missouri, married Samuel C. Vance July 24, 1845 in St. Francois Co. MO, died aft. 1880 when living in Union township, Ste. Genevieve Co. MO.


Francis B: Dec. 10, 1825 in St. Francois Co. MO, married Jane Bateman on May 8, 1859 in St. Francois Co. MO, moved to Washington Co., MO, where he died Dec. 10, 1893 and is buried in Big River Cemetery in Irondale.




The McFarland settlement was along Back Creek, following what is today Clearview Rd. then Busiek Road till it dead-ends into Wesley Chapel Rd. Follow that road south. Most of the land along that route belonged to the various related McFarlands. Wesley Chapel Road will end at the small community of Libertyville. It is an area of gently rolling farm fields as shown in the picture below taken by descendant J. Drew McFarland.



Below is a GoogleEarth view of the terrain. The green line indicates the county division between St. Francois on the left and Ste. Genevieve on the right.




Of the McFarlands who settled in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve Counties, several made land claims with the federal government. The locations of those claims are marked on the following map.




Green: McFarland Families

Yellow: Elliott Jackson

Purple: Uel Jackson

Blue: Rev. John McFarland

Pink: William G. and Elliott C. Boyd

Red: Nathaniel Cook


1823,  Elliott Jackson, # 78, 79, 135 acres, 33N, 7E (Madison Co.)

1824, Nathaniel Cook, #491, 492, 60 acres, Sec. 30, 31, 35N, 7E (Libertyville, St. Francois Co.)

1824, John McFarland, Jr., # 508, 126 acres: Sect. 7, 35N, 7E (Back Cr.)

1824, Reuben McFarland, Sr., # 485, 127 acres: Sect. 18, 35N, 7E (Back Cr.), location of the old McFarland cemetery

1824, Elliott Jackson, # 299, 246 acres: Sect. 25, 35N, 6E (gifted to James and Jane {his daughter} McF.)

1824, Elliott Jackson, # 490, 80 acres: Sect. 27, 35N, 8E (Ste. Genevieve)

1825, and 1837, Rev. John McFarland, 80 acres, Old Stone Church, Sect. 33,32, 36N, 8E

1828, John McFarland and Heirs of John McFarland, # 514, 80 acres: Sect. 12, 35N, 7E (Avon)

1833, Jacob McFarland, # 1240, 40 acres, Sect. 18, 35 N, 7E

1837, John McFarland, 31 acres Sect. 7, 35 N, 7E, and 40 acres Sect. 12, 35N, 6E

1837, John H. McFarland, # 1811, 40 acres, Sect. 3, 35N, 6E

1837, Wm. A. McFarland, # 3488, 40 acres, Sect. 3, 35N, 6E

1837, William Glenn Boyd, #1837, 40 acres, Sect. 13, 35N, 7E

1837, 50, 56, 60, Uel Jackson, #1892, 11473, 16619, 39510 (suspected son of Wingate Jackson, brother of Elliott Jackson), 200 acres, Sect. 35, 36N, 7E. Could be the area of the “New Tennessee” community

1838, Jacob McFarland, # 5810, 34.55 acres, Sect. 8, 35N, 7E

1849, Reuben McFarland, Jr., # 10866 , 134 acres, NE Sect. 18, 35N, 7E

1849, Jesse J. McFarland, #10543, 40 acres, Sect. 33, 36N, 6E

1853, 1856, Elliott C. Boyd, total 160 acres, Sect 10 and 3, 35N, 7E

1856, Joseph McFarland, #16621, #17894, 164 acres, Sect. 3, 35N, 7E, Sect. 34, 36N, 7E


Owning 391 acres, however, was not enough to keep James and Jane in Missouri, and James began disposing of property in anticipation of moving south. In October, 1836, the couple sold the last of their acreage in St. Francois Co. to Samuel P. Harris and headed for Texas—the last big move to frontier territory for our branch of the family. This time the move was 450 miles away. Family tradition says that they stopped in Arkansas on the way. Jane’s brothers and father made claims in Sevier and Hempstead counties, and later John C. Jackson followed James and Jane to Fannin County and appears on the 1850 census as a neighbor.



Cooper County McFarlands


When the McFarlands moved further west, they settled around Boonville, a town newly created in 1817, which soon became the county seat. In the first tax lists (1819 to 1822) the following McFarlands were listed: Alexander, David, Elijah, George (two), Jacob, James Sr., James Jr., Jesse, John, Samuel, William (two).


These would be the sons of John and Mary Kinder McFarland, the 4th generation: George (born 1769) and sons George Jr. (1793) and Samuel (1800); Jacob (born 1772); James Ray (born 1773) and sons William (1795), Alexander (1796), James M. (1799), Elijah (1800); William (born 1775), and sons Jesse (1800) and John S. (1802); and David (born 1780).


In this same tax listing  appear the Cathey family from Haywood County NC who travelled with the McFarlands. George Cathey Sr. (born 1755) moved here with most of his children, which included George Jr. (born 1787) married to Anna McFarland (daug. of John and Mary Kinder McF.). Also was his daughter Nancy Cathey, married to Jacob McFarland above (1772). There was only one Cathey son, William B. Cathey, who stayed behind in Haywood County.


The other family that travelled with the McFarlands to Missouri is the George family from Jefferson/Cocke Co. Tennessee. In the same Cooper Co. tax list appears William George Sr. (1760 VA) and his sons who married McFarland girls. They are: William (1786) married to Sarah McFarland, the daughter of Robert and Margaret McNutt McF., Reuben (1792) married to Sarah McFarland, daughter of Jacob and Nancy Cathey McFarland, Jesse (1796) married to Rachael McFarland, daughter of Robert and Margaret McNutt McF., Lewis (1799). Moving to Cooper Co. before 1830 was another George brother, Carroll George (1793), who married Sarah Hale McFarland, daughter of Senator John and Rebecca Bell McFarland.


In 1819, William McFarland was elected as the Sheriff for the county, and when Cooper County had its first election in 1820 in the town of Lamine, he was an election judge. James (Ray) McFarland ran for Congressional Representative, but was not elected. Voters included John Cathey, George Cathey Sr, David, Jacob, William McFarland, and Wm George Sr.


Another family that was associated with our McFarlands as far back as Virginia was the family of Rev. Finis Ewing. He was born in Bedford County, VA in 1773, where his father Robert Ewing attended the same Peaks of Otter Presbyterian church that our John and Mary Montgomery McFarland did. Finis, the last of 12 children, hence the name, became a Presbyterian minister, first in Tennessee and then in Logan County, KY.  There he taught Rev. Hiram Abiff Hunter, the grandson of Rachel McFarland who married James Hunter back in Bedford County and in 1810 helped found the Cumberland Presbytery. He moved to Christian County, KY by 1810, where other McFarland descendants were living, as well as the family of Alexander Sloan. When Alexander Sloan Sr. moved to Cooper County along with many of his congregation, Rev. Finis Ewing followed and settled in Lebanon township also, where the first Presbyterian meetings were held in Sloan’s home. That same year Alexander Carson Sloan, Jr. married Nancy Caroline McFarland in Cooper County. The name Finis and the name Ewing cropped up several times in the McFarland family in the 1800s, and I feel it was a reflection of their relationship with Finis Ewing as a minister.


Related Families in Cooper Co. MO.


These are the 4th Generation McFarlands and their known children, the 5th generation.


George McFarland, born Dec. 7, 1769, in Virginia. He married Sally Jack on Jan. 5, 1793 in Jefferson County, TN. There is some confusion about this son. Is he the George who went to NC and then sold his land in 1804 and went to MO? There is another George McFarland, a cousin, who married Nancy Golden in Knox Co. TN in 1801 and moved to Kentucky. This is not the same man as this George who marries Sally Jack, a neighbor in what becomes Cocke Co. TN. George died sometime before the 1830 census in Missouri. In the 1830 census, Sarah McFarland, age 50 to 60, George McFarland, age 30 to 39, and Samuel McFarland, age 20 to 30 are in Lafayette Co. MO on the same page.

George and Sally's children:


George Jr: 1793 in TN, married Abigail Cathey Dec. 19, 1816 in Howard Co. MO. He died in 1863 in Post Oak, Johnson Co. MO.

Samuel Arthur: 1800 in Cocke Co. TN, married Jane Priscilla Morrow, Sept. 15, 1824 in Cooper Co. MO. Died Nov. 3, 1879 in Burnet Co. TX.

John W: 1804 in Cocke Co. TN, married Emerien Noland on Feb. 25, 1835 in Johnson Co. MO. Died July 25, 1879 in MO.

William: ca. 1800, d. after 1836

Lucinda: 1805 in TN, married Samuel Glass and Marshall Segraves. Died bef. 1854 in Pettis Co. MO.

Rebecca: 1809 in TN, married David Baxter Morrow, died 1847 in Johnson Co. MO.

Sarah: 1810 in TN, married John Barker, died 1851 in Crawford Co. AR

Josiah: 1815, d. aft. 1836

 The family appears to be in Lafayette Co. by the 1830 census, and then by 1850 they have moved to Johnson Co. MO. Samuel Arthur moves his family, along with many of the related Bartons from TN, to Texas after 1840.

The listing of all the children comes from the sale of George’s land in 1836:

January 1836 George McFarland, Sr., Samuel McFarland and wife, Jane, John W. McFarland and wife Emerine, John Barker and wife, Sally, late Sally McFarland, David Morrow and wife, Rebecca, late Rebecca McFarland, Josiah McFarland, William McFarland and Sarah McFarland, widow of George McFarland, late of Lafayette County, Missouri, sold to Marshall Seagraves and wife, late Lucinda McFarland of Pettis County, all heirs of the late George McFarland, Senior, deceased, 80 acres in E1/2 of NE1/4 of S8-T45-R18 in Morgan County 2 May 1849.


Jacob McFarland, born Feb. 21, 1772 in Fincastle Co.VA, married Elizabeth Webb in TN, one child, Elizabeth, born 1795 in TN. Second marriage to Nancy Cathey in Buncombe Co. NC, died Aug. 29, 1870 in Boonville, Cooper Co. MO.


Their children:


Catherine: Feb. 12, 1801 in NC.


Sarah: Jan 13, 1802 in NC. Married Reuben George, April 1, 1821 in Cooper Co. MO. Died Jan. 13, 1862 in Cooper Co. MO.


Reuben A: Oct. 17, 1804 in NC. Married Eunice Rice on Jan. 27, 1828 in MO. Died Jan. 26, 1882 in Boonville, Cooper Co. MO. Buried in McFarland Cemetery on land purchased by his son T. Warren McFarland.


Ann: April 26, 1806 in NC. Married Jesse McFarland (son of Wm. McFarland and Susannah George) on Jan. 7, 1820 in MO. Died Jan. 27, 1884 in Pleasant Hill, Cass Co. MO.


George W: Oct. 18, 1809 in NC.


Jacob: Oct. 30, 1811 in Haywood Co. NC. Married Matilda Fleming in 1833 in Cooper Co. MO. Died in 1836 in MO.



James Ray McFarland, born Dec. 20, 1773 in Fincastle Co. VA. Married Frances Webb April 9, 1793 in TN. Believed he died in 1839 in Morgan Co. MO.


Their children:


Mary: Feb. 23, 1794 in TN.


William: June 22, 1795 in TN. Married Elizabeth (?, born 1803 TN) patented land in Morgan Co. MO. Died bef. 1855.


Alexander: May 6, 1796 in TN, married Sarah Hix on Aug. 16, 1821 in Cooper Co. MO. Died bef. 1860. Family living in Benton Co. MO.


James M. McFarland: Feb. 3, 1799 in TN, married Nancy Peters, died Jan. 1, 1879 in Henry Co. MO.


Elijah: Dec. 7, 1800 in Buncombe Co. NC, married Francis Hix Mar. 8, 1821 in Cooper Co. MO. Died aft. 1860 when he was living in Morgan Co. MO.


David: March 12, 1803 in Buncombe Co. NC, married Susan Ann Ross on Jan. 28, 1828 in Cooper Co. MO. Moved to Texas, married Rebecca McFarlane Hardwick, daughter of Joseph McFarlane of the Duncan McFarland lineage on July 9, 1863. Died March 20, 1885 in Grayson Co. TX.


John: Oct. 23, 1804 in Buncombe Co. NC.


Benjamin Franklin: March 5, 1807 in Buncombe Co. NC, married Sarah Richardson Dec. 3, 1830 in Cooper Co. MO. Moved to Texas, died March 1885 in Grayson Co. TX.


George Washington: Jan. 25, 1809 in Haywood Co. NC (same place, just new county created), married Anna Clarkson in 1831. Died in 1892 in Benton Co. Arkansas.


Jacob Hunter: May 30, 1811 in Haywood Co. NC, married Mary Ann Barnett on Dec. 31, 1835 in Morgan Co. MO, died after 1850. Cannot find the family after.


Walter Leftwich: Nov. 17, 1813 in Missouri. Married Permelia Barnett on Oct. 6, 1835 in Morgan Co. MO. Married Eliza Jane Blake on Nov. 26, 1848 in Benton Co. MO. Died Feb. 13, 1897 in Benton Co. MO. 



William McFarland, born Nov. 10, 1775 in Fincastle Co. VA. Married Susannah George, daughter of William George, probably abt. 1798/9, shortly before the move from TN to NC. After a successful career in both Haywood Co. NC and Cooper Co. MO, he died Sept. 15, 1834 in Cooper County.


Their children:


Jesse: April 17, 1800 in Buncombe Co. NC, married his 1st cousin Ann McFarland, died Jan. 21, 1892 in Warrensburg, Johnson Co. MO.


John Strother: July 19, 1802 Buncombe Co. NC, married first Elizabeth Houx on Oct. 14, 1823 in Cooper Co., second Mary B. Johnston in 1872. Died July 16, 1887 in Boonville, Cooper Co. MO.


Mahala K: Dec. 23, 1804 in Buncombe Co. NC, married William Davis, Jan. 30, 1823 in Cooper Co., died March 12, 1892 in Columbus, Johnson Co. MO.


Eleanor: Sept. 23, 1807 in Buncombe Co. NC.


Sally Elvira: Sept 16, 1810 in Haywood Co. NC, married John ECrawford abt. 1829. Had 2 children, died Sept. 8, 1834 in Henry Co. MO.


Houston: Dec. 28, 1813 in Ste. Genevieve Co. MO, married Eliza Crawford in Cooper Co. had 2 children, married Zillah Crawford in Cooper Co. in 1841, one child, married Susan Herndon in Platte Co. MO in 1864 and had 3 children. Died in Platte Co. June 8, 1885.


Mary S: Sept. 16, 1820 in Cooper Co. MO, married Smith Rankin, died May 21, 1858.


Honor Melvina: Sept 16, 1820 in Cooper Co. MO, died April 7, 1832.


Elizabeth: Dec. 21, 1824 in Cooper Co. MO, married William Rankin on April 4, 1844 in Cooper Co. and died Dec. 23 1914 in Cooper County MO.



David McFarland: Jan. 7, 1780 in Montgomery Co. VA, married Margaret McDowell in Haywood Co. NC, had 8 children, only one known. David died October 1835 in Cooper Co. MO. Cannot find his wife or family after.


Only known child:


Reuben Anderson: 1805 in Buncombe Co. NC. Married Elvira George Sept. 13, 1827 in Cooper Co., Is in the 1840 and 1850 censuses living in Pettis Co. near the Catheys, (his aunt Anna Cathey, see below). He then moves to Linn Co. Oregon.


Anna: Nov. 15, 1786 in Tennessee, married George Cathey (b.1787 NC) abt. 1810 in Haywood Co. NC. In 1840 Anna, her husband, and father, George Cathey Sr. are all living in Pettis Co. George Cathey had a patent #3499 for 80 acres just above Smithton. In 1850 the family was living in Cass Co. MO. They have not been found in 1860.

Anna and George Cathey's children:


Mary Cathey: married Alexander Sloan Miller.


Andrew J: April 28, 1810 in NC, died May 28, 1858 in Johnson Co. MO.


William: 1811 in NC. Never married. Insane in 1850 census.


John: 1813 in MO.


George W: 1814 in MO.


Robert C: 1818 in MO.


Joseph: 1822 in MO.


Jacob: 1823 in MO.


David C: 1828 in MO.


Thomas: 1832 in Pettis Co. MO.



Other McFarland family members lived in and around Cooper County. Three children of John and Rebecca Bell McFarland decided to make their homes here while the rest were in St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve:

 5th Generation:

William Bell McFarland: Nov. 16, 1792 in Greene Co. TN, married Nancy Elizabeth Smith on May 9, 1812 in Haywood Co. NC. He purchased several properties in Cooper Co. starting in 1825.They had 9 known children. He died Jan. 10, 1839 in Cooper Co.


Sarah Hale McFarland: April 14, 1806 in Buncombe Co. NC, married Carroll George on Nov. 10, 1822 in St. Francois Co. MO. Carroll George patented land in Cooper Co. near New Lebanon in 1826, but they also lived in Morgan Co. They had 8 known children. Carroll died in 1848, and Sarah died May 14, 1877 in Cass Co. MO.


Nancy Caroline McFarland: May 24, 1812 in Haywood Co. NC, married Alexander Carson Sloan on Dec. 1, 1829 in Cooper Co. MO. They had 8 children in both Cooper and Lafayette Counties. They moved to Fannin Co. TX before 1860 and made their home near two of Nancy’s brothers. Nancy died Nov. 14, 1909 in Fannin Co.







Early Land Patents before 1830:



There are two McFarland Cemeteries:


Purple Box ▀ : Reuben McFarland Cemetery at 48N, R16W, Sect. 18 on 160 acres that were owned by Reuben’s son, T.Warren McFarland. Off Rankin’s Mill Rd.


Orange Box ▀ : Cemetery for J. McFarland 48N, R17W, Sect. 25 (that is the only marker-a footstone, so could be Jacob)


1823: Nov. 15. Reuben George assignee of William George #70, 80 acres: Sect. 24, 48N, 17W (Boonville area)  A

1824: Aug. 20. William McFarland released his 160 acres to William Moore, #404, 160 acres: Sect. 32, 46N, 19W (Otterville township).




June 1. William B. McFarland, assignee of Reuben A. Ewing, #1409, 80 acres, Sect. 11, 46N, 18W (Kelly township, near New Lebanon) (Reuben Ewing is nephew to Rev. Finis Ewing) C

June 1, Reuben George, assignee of William George #146, 80 acres: Sect. 24, 48N, 17W (Petite Saline Cr.) A

July 1. David McFarland #1579, 80 acres: Sect. 27, 48N, 17W (Petite Saline Cr.) D

Aug. 1. James McFarland #1239, 80 acres: Sect. 4, 45N, 18W (Otter Cr.) E

Aug. 1. George McFarland #1229, 80 acres: Sect. 8, 45N, 18W (Morgan Co., south of Lebanon township in Cooper Co.)  F

Aug. 10. James Cathey, assignee of Sabret Scott #1607, 160 acres: Sect. 17, 048N, 16W (Boonville, Petite Saline Cr.)  G

Nov. 1. Jesse George assignee of Angus Langham #1645, 160 acres, Sect. 11, 46N, 16W (North Moniteau)  H

Nov. 11. William McFarland #1758, 71 acres, Sect. 19, 48N, 16W (on Petite Saline Cr. near Boonville)  B



Mar. 23. Jesse George assignee of Angus Langham #1645, 80 acres: Sect. 11, 46N, 16W  H

May 10. Carroll George #1602, 80 acres: Sect. 2, 46N, 18W (Kelly township, near New Lebanon)  I



Nov. 2. Jesse George #7962, 80 acres: Sect. 14, 47N, 16W (Prairie Home township)  H



Jan. 10. John S. McFarland #2511, 80 acres: Sect. 2, 48N, 17W (Boonville) J

Feb. 1. William B. McFarland #2669 & 2722, total 160 acres: Sect. 24, 46N, 19W (Lebanon township, waters of Lamine R.)  C

Sept. 10. Jesse McFarland #2313, 80 acres: Sect. 17, 48N, 16W (north side Petite Saline Cr., near James Cathey) K



Apr. 1. Jesse George #3105, 80 acres, Sect. 22, 47N, 16W (Clark Fork township) H







Traveling to Missouri in 2006 was very fruitful. It was fun locating the McFarland cemetery in St. Francois County, out in the middle of overgrown trees and underbrush. The land had been sold in the early 1900s to the Smith family, who still owns it today. They said no one has stopped by looking for it in over twenty years. They showed me the clay pit area where they made their own bricks, just up the road from Libertyville. Then we followed the Old Jackson Road, which seemed to be where Elliott Jackson had purchased his first land. Michael and I went to Ste. Genevieve County to the town of Avon, where the land purchase of John McFarland Sr. was located. It is a tiny community, set in the woods, that is like a trip back in time. While at the county courthouse in Ste. Genevieve I tried to find the original document of John McFarland’s estate in Box 26, but it is missing. This is a transcription made by Frances Terry Ingmire who visited Missouri in the 1970s and sent this transcription to my grandmother.

I did, however, find the documents that record the payouts that John McFarland, the eldest son, made to his siblings and their spouses, as he bought up their interests in their inheritance.  Those deeds give confirmation to the children and their spouses in the transactions of 1833 and give proof for anyone wishing to join SAR or DAR based on their connection to Senator John McFarland.


More about Cook’s Settlement:


Nathanial Cook (born 1774 in Orange Co. VA) moved from Scott County Kentucky shortly after 1800. In 1805 he was appointed tax assessor for his district of Ste. Genevieve Co. He served as the judge of Saline township in 1814. His sister, Sarah Cook, married Elliott Jackson (also from Orange Co. VA) in Scott Co. and by 1810 Elliott is missing from the Scott Co. census. He appears on official records in 1816 in Ste. Genevieve Co. when he was appointed as a judge for Saline township. That is the year that Elliott’s daughter Jane married James E. McFarland, son of John and Rebecca Bell McFarland.


More about the McFarland Cemetery in St. Francois Co:


This is what happens when there is no one left to care for these pasture cemeteries. It was completely overgrown, and most of the older markers were buried or half-buried in the ground and underbrush.





According to the records of the cemetery found at the Farmington Library: The McFarland Cemetery is in Township 35, Range 7, NW 1/4 of Section 8, owned in 1989 by Franklin Smith. It is just off Wesley Chapel road, on the west side of the road, just across from the Wesley Chapel Cemetery. It is on private land, under a grove of trees, and almost completely overgrown. In the St. Francois County Missouri Cemeteries Book, Vol. 3, p. 204 are listed these burials:



Jacob, b. Oct. 19, 1799, died Jan. 5, 1864, s/o Reuben and Martha (Campbell)

Mary, b. Jun 30, 1800, died Jan. 30, 1857, wife of Jacob, md. July 4, 1822, daug. of John and Rebecca Bell McFarland

Amanda, b. Nov. 29, 1824, died Feb. 9, 1827, d/o Jacob and Mary

John Bell, b. Dec. 1, 1823, died. Dec. 1, 1823, s/o Jacob and Mary

Nancy Ellen, b. Feb. 4, 1830, died Oct. 29, 1834

Josiah Berton, b. Dec. 24, 1832, died Jun 16, 1833 (mhh note: I bet this is Barton)

These are the images of what was visible for McFarlands in 2006.


                         Jacob McFarland footstone                               Mary’s half buried stone


There are other people buried there: George and Elizabeth Madison, George, Annie, Delia, and Horace Bradley, who were neighbors, and then the Smiths who were also neighbors: Willliam T. Smith, Eva L. Smith, Jamie Smith and Mary Lillian Smith. The Smiths purchased the property from the McFarlands, and their descendants own it still today. The last burial is William Smith, born 1853, died Dec. 2, 1908.


Across Wesley Chapel Road from the McFarland –Smith Cemetery is the Wesley Chapel Cemetery that once had a small Methodist Church on the land. The cemetery is visible and some stones are readable. A few McFarland descendants are known to be buried here as well, such as Frank McFarland Keith, grandson of Jacob and Mary McFarland.




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