Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc.

Helping To Connect You With Your Heritage


This project is our attempt at CMW to share our ancestors'  information in a meaningful way that will allow our members to trace their ancestors' footsteps. Please consider joining this effort by filling out the information below to the best of your ability. It will be shared here on our website for other family members to discover.  


1. Please provide as complete and detailed information as you know. Otherwise leave spaces blank, and we will attempt to fill in the blanks from other sources.

2. Complete one form for each ancestor. Do not include information for any additional ancestors on the same form. NOTE: Save a copy of the blank form as a template to submit information on each ancestor and for printing more sheets.

3. PLACES: Please list street addresses and country, state or province, county, township or town, place name or a description of where the place is located for each life event you list, if known, each on a separate line.   NOTE: If you can provide photos and/or Google Earth images of a place location, it would be helpful, but not required.   

4. Use as many additional sheets as necessary.

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