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Twigs to Trees

December, 2022

Mary Helen Haines


What a wonderful time we had at the AMM at Stone Mountain, Georgia this October. The weather was perfect, the setting is beautiful, and we got to visit with so many of our CMW members, some I haven’t seen in person since our last trip there in 2011. At each AMM the committees present a report to the membership that updates everyone on the year’s activities. My report can be found with the others at the end of this Loch Sloy! edition, as well as on our website under About, then Minutes after signing in.

Elsewhere in this Loch Sloy! is Part Three of the research into the early Ohio McFarland settlers. Next year look for articles about the movement of peoples into the British Isles during the Mesolithic through the High Middle Ages leading to development of the MacFarlane Clan.


Doing research on our newest Australian member, Peter Bernard McFarlane, I learned about new occupations and places that are part of our Scottish heritage.  Peter’s ancestor Peter Duncan McFarlane was born in 1822 in Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire to Robert McFarlane and Janet Bell. Peter Duncan McFarlane, wife Ann Pollock, and family immigrated to Australia in 1853. Unfortunately Peter Duncan McF. Sr. died one year after his arrival in Australia and Ann died in 1859, taking with them much knowledge of the family’s past.

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