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Flowers of the Forest


When we lose a CMW friend or family member, we like to include their name in a Clan gathering so their passing can be memorialized.  The tune “Flowers of the Forest” is played by a lone piper.  It is a moving moment for all.  So I wandered into the internet to find out why this particular tune is played.  I found this:

“Why is Flowers of the Forest played at funerals?

In late 1942, according to the late Duchess of Windsor's Memoir, The Duke of Windsor asked that it be played at the funeral of his brother, the Duke of Kent, who was killed in a plane crash in the Highlands. Apparently it was a personal favourite of Prince George, Duke of Kent.”  (Google search, 3 Dec 2021).

If you haven’t heard the tune, you can listen to it here, sung by Isla St. Clair, and followed with the pipes.

And with that, we are sad to hear of the passing two of our CMW family:  David Starbuck and Lynn Allgier, but know that we can see them off with good thoughts and memories.  Both will be missed.


 David R. Starbuck:  Archaeologist, author and professor passed away 27 December 2020.  David was from New York.  Clan MacFarlane Worldwide carried his book regarding a dig in Scotland about MacFarlanes. 

You can read his obit here:

Or read a remembrance from the Shaker Museum:

  Lynn James McFarland-Allgier:  (1940-2021). mechanical engineer.  Lynn passed away 18 March 2021.  Lynn was from Utah and leaves behind a lovely family.  We had the pleasure of meeting him at one of our first Annual Members' Meeting at Thanksgiving Point, Utah.

You can read his obit at:

Should you have a family member you would like to memorialize with a Flowers of the Forest, please contact me:  Marie Robb at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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