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Scottish Tea


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Several years ago I spotted a tin labeled Scottish Breakfast Tea.  I bought it.  This is a stronger tea than I'm used to, and I only drink it when I tire of my usual morning coffee.  But it is a nice bold tea that I can drink with cream and sugar.  (That might be offensive to some, but it's a thing for me.)

So this morning I got to thinking about tea and Scotland.  It turns out that Scotland started enjoying tea in the  early 17th century.  It was introduced by the Duchess of York.  And that all too familiar brand, Lipton,  was a product from the Scotsman, Sir Thomas Lipton.

There is much more to know about tea in Scotland, so a great quick read can be found here:

The Scottish Tea Guide

I'm out of my fancy Scottish Breakfast tea, so guess I'll have to wander downtown to the local store to get a new tin so that I can reconnect with my morning ritual of oatmeal (a topic I previously discussed).