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Diaspora - 17 September 2020 - Election Results

And the winners are.....


For our voting members, thank you for participating in the 2020 Board of Directors election.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, and our Secretary, Andrea MacFarlane-Grieve, I can officially announce the newly elected Board members who will be serving 2021 through 2023:


John Duff

Ryan McFarland

Mary Helen Haines


As for the selection for the location of the Annual Members' Meeting (the "AMM") for 2022, our members voted for Stone Mountain Highland Games.  Next year's AMM will be held in Livonia, Michigan during the St. Andrew's Society Highland Games, the first weekend of August ("God willing, and if the Creek Don't Rise" and COVID-19 is just a distant memory).


Until next year...


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Diaspora - 11 September 2020

Digital Annual Members' Meeting

It is September 11.  Although we were all affected by events from this date 19 years ago, we have continued to move forward.  The world is different today than it was in 2001.  And here it is 2020, and we are all affected again, but by a different event; COVID-19.

One trait that even the Lord Lyon believes those of us with Scottish heritage have in common, is our ingenuity which leads to our ability to overcome obstacles. So although the CMW trip to Scotland for 2020 was postponed to 2021, which affected our ability to hold our annual meeting in Scotland, we put our heads together and found a way to fulfill our corporate obligations to our members.

With the help of Emilia Mack, Laurie Jackson, Sandy Morgan, Barb Duff, Mary Helen Haines, Andrea MacFarlane-Grieve, Ryan MacFarland, Bill Lennox, and yours truly, we have fulfilled our corporate duties to our members and reported on the status of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide.  We continue our steadfast commitment to be open in our reporting to members.  To that end, we have just completed our Annual Members' Meeting.

So how did we hold our meeting?  Just moments ago, our AMM was completed via our Clan MacFarlane YouTube (tm) channel.

So grab your choice of beverage and plug in.  Tune in to the annual reports by finding us posted here:  

And stay tuned!  We are working on our next online project.  There is always something more to look forward to with CMW!

Marie Robb

Loch Sloy!

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Diaspora - 10 August Annual Election


Elections. 11 August 2020 - 11 September 2020

As a voting member, one of your rights is to vote in the annual Board of Directors' election.  This year, we have 2 Board Directors who are currently serving and who are asking you to vote them in for a second term: Doug McGaw, and Ryan McFarland.  We also have a former Board member, Mary Helen Haines, who would like to serve again.  Then we have 3 new eligible members who would like to serve for the first time:  John Duff, Robert McAllister, and John McFarland.

Each of them are terrific candidates who deserve your time to review their biographies as they have submitted for your consideration.  The winners from this election will serve terms from January 2021 through 2023.

If you are not familiar with our Board of Directors voting, we set our corporation up to ensure that each year our members would vote for 3 Directors.  A Director serves for 3 years and may serve a second term, but no more than 2 terms.  It seems to work for us.  But we need you to consider each applicant carefully and cast your vote.

In addition to voting for Directors, the current Board of Directors has put forth 3 suggestions for our voting members to choose from as our location for the 2022 Annual Members' Meeting.  This is normally discussed and voted on during the current Annual Meeting, but in light of this years' lack of in-person events, we have opted to provide a ballot with information to allow you time to choose.

Each location is given a short description with a link to the current year's Game.  But should you wish to prepare in advance of receiving the ballot, the 3 locations are:

Salado, Texas.  Held in mid-November

Lyon College in Batesville Arkansas

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Thank you for voting and your participation!

(If you are a voting member, and do not find your ballot, please look in your email inbox, then your junk box.  If you still don't find it, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can resend.  It could be as simple as an updated email address.  Don't dally.  The elections close 11 September 2020.)