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Diaspora - 16 March 2019

Why be a Joiner?

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If you are a paying member (voting) of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, there are benefits you enjoy over our non-paying members (fellows).  One is assistance of our genealogists to help you with your family tree.  We have a vast collection of accumulated family history for MacFarlanes, etc. In many cases, we might just have a quick answer for you on your query.  Although we pride ourselves on the assistance we can provide you, the geneaologists must do a little work on your behalf, and are willing to help our paying members.

Another benefit is access to CelticLife, the lovely magazine.  The latest issue is now available for our voting/paying members on our website.  (the link is only viewable if you are a member)

So if you are NOT a paying member, please consider joining.  It is a mere $20 U.S. dollars for a year for a indivual, and not much more than that for a family.  Inerested in joining?  Use the link on our website to inquire:  Membership.

And just in case you want to know what happens to your membership money, we are very proud to have sponsored several archaeological digs by local scientists, and that is just to start.  We are preparing to publish the latest report of a dig conducted this past Fall.  You will have access to this information.  We sponsor athletes, dancers and more.  We participate in the FtDna MacFarlane project, and much more.  So please consider a membership so you can have a deeper understanding of your relationship to all things MacFarlane.  


For now, enjoy this article about a "dig" we sponsored in 2018 - our members' dues at work.

Lost Settlement of Loch Lomond traced by Archaeologists.





Diaspora - 13 March 2019

"Flags, Flags, Everywhere There are Flags!"


You see them at all Scottish events.  You will see the familiar flag of Scotland, and that other one in yellow and red with a sort of lion on it.  Should you be waving all this stuff yourself?


Quite simply put:  NO.


So what is what?

This is the flag of Scotland.  Also known as St. Andrew's Cross.  Also known as the Saltire.


We only need to turn to the authority of all things official in Scotland, the Court of the Lord Lyon, to learn more about when it is appropriate to fly this national flag.  This flag is the correct flag to fly for individuals or corporations.  We have seen this flag in various shades of blue, but we have been told the lighter blue is the correct color.


This is the Lion Rampant flag:


lion flag

 Again we go to the Court of the Lord Lyon for guidance (and the above graphic):

This is NOT a national flag.  Citizens and corporate bodies should not fly this flag.  "... use ... is entirely wrong."   WRONG!!  DO NOT FLY THIS FLAG!!

This is the Scottish Royal banner.  There are only a handful of individuals who may fly this banner, and that includes the The Sovereign (Queen Elizabeth).  And:

  • the First Minister as Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland, 
  • Lord Lieutenants in their Lieutenancies, 
  • the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 
  • the Lord Lyon King of Arms, 
  • and other lieutenants specially appointed.

If you fly it you are actualy breaking the law.  Imagine that!  Yes.  I've seen as many of these flying as you have.  It is actually listed as an offence under the Act of Parliament 1672 cap. 47 and 30 & 31 Vict. cap. 17.

No... you won't go to jail, but wouldn't you rather get it right?  So if you are hosting a Clan MacFarlane event, please be mindful of this.


We will cover personal banners, flags and more in the future, but this is enough for now.  If you would like to do your own research according to the guidance of the Lord Lyon, you can find more information here: 

But we'll be back to discuss this again.  






Diaspora - 10 March 2019

"Dress Code Part II"

Attend any Highland Game, and you always notice the men in their gorgeous kilts.  As women, we can get very creative with what we wear.  I have an outfit I received from my friend, Melissa Knox that I love.  I have a short sport kilt I like to wear, and sometimes on Sunday, I just wear jeans with a Clan MacFarlane Worldwide tshirt.  But no matter what I wear, I always have my tartan sash.

I have been asked how to wear the sash.  About the only thing I have always been certain about, is what shoulder to wear the sash on.  Clan MacFarlane does not have a Chief.  Thus, we are an armigorous Clan.  So if you are a member of Clan MacFarlane, you will NEVER wear your sash over your left shoulder.  Only the wife of the Clan Chief (or wife of a Scottish Regiment Colonel) will wear the sash on the left shoulder.  

What if you are from another Clan and married into the MacFarlanes?  Well, my greatgrandmother was Effie Snodgrass.  No joke, that was her name.  Snodgrass is a Scottish Clan, so I could wear the Snodgrass tartan instead of my husband's.  But, although the Snodgrass tartan is pretty (see below), I think I would get tired of telling folks my greatgrandmother was indeed, Effie Snodgrass.


So now, any advice on how to wear the tartan sash?  Of course!  The Scottish Tartan Authority has provided us with a great graphic filled with instructions, approved by the Lord Lyon.  You can find this at the following website:  


Again... don't worry about what you wear to the Games.  We just love to see you there.