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MacFarlanes and the Olympics

MacFarlanes and the Olympics


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I’m so excited!  I have watched the Olympics every year (well, there was that year when Jimmy Carter was in office…)  My parents must have started me on this.  Once my husband and I returned from active duty in the Navy, we did full-time house sitting for parents because Dad had taken a position with Phillips Petroleum and moved to Norway with Mom.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the same coverage of the Olympics that we had.  So, my husband and I were tasked with recording as much of the Olympics as possible, and then shipping the VHS tapes to Norway.

It was a daunting task, but one we loved.  Hours of coverage were dutifully shipped off to Norway.  Runners, basketball, ice hockey, gymnastics were all enjoyed here as well as in my folks’ living room.  Winter and summer Olympics were delivered to my folks so they could continue their own tradition of rooting on the home team.

So here we are in 2021 and waiting for the opening ceremonies in Japan.  Mixed feelings this time, especially with the Covid looming and still infecting humans around the globe.  But I will take what I can.  Which brings me to the connection to all things MacFarlane.  Complete a search for MacFarlane AND Olympics and you get some interesting results.

Eve Macfarlane – New Zealand – rower 2020 Games

Mike McFarlane – Britain – (retired) – runner 1988 Games – Silver – 4x100 m relay

Tracey McFarlane – United States (retired) – swimmer 1966 Games – Silver – 4x100 relay

Robert McFarlane – Canada (retired) – runner 1948 Games

C. MacFarlane – Canada (retired) – runner 1980 Paralympic Games – Silver

Brent MacFarlane – Britain – (retired) – ice sledge speed skating 1984 Paralympic Games

Craig MacFarlane – Canada (retired) – 400M 1980 Paralympic Games

After a cursory search, I started plugging in other related MacFarlane names:  Robb (of course), Knox, etc.  Our list of Macfarlanes/septs is quite lengthy.  And our athletes hail from all over the globe.  Once again, the Diaspora at work spreading the MacFarlane name and good genes around the world.  So be sure to tune into the Olympics and watch for names that are within the Clan MacFarlane World.  Fun to cheer on those who carry on not only for country, but for a namesake.



Diaspora - 14 April 2021

Scottish Banner April 2021


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