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Diaspora - 3 October 2021 - The Scottish Banner

The Scottish Banner is now available for our paying members to enjoy.  To view it, just log in with your username/password --> Select Publications from the menu bar --> Select Diaspora and scroll down to read your selected issue.

SB 4503 Sept cover

Diaspora 21 July 2021 - Celtic Life

One more for the road while I still have a great internet connection!  How about the latest issue of Celtic Life?  Our paying members can open and read this issue cover-to-cover.  Just Sign in with your password on the CMW website --> Select Publications --> Select Diaspora, and then scroll down to find the latest Celtic Life issue.


The issue will open up as a .pdf file which will be located below the front page of this issue.

Celtic Life

Diaspora 21 July 2021 - July Scottish Banner

For our paying members, please sign in --> select the Publications link from the menu bar --> select Diaspora and then scroll down to find this article and open and read.  Enjoy!

Not a paying member?!  Really?!  It is soooo cheap!  Ok... to join, go to the menu bar --> select Membership and then jump through the hoops to join us and enjoy a wealth of Scottish fun.