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Diaspora - 25 March 2021

Winter issue of the COSCA Claymore for our voting/paying CMW members to read.  To open this issue, sign in at, then select the Publications link from the menu at the top of the page, then select Diaspora.  You will find the link to the Claymore beneath the graphic of the first page.


2021 03 25 2223

Diaspora - 20 March 2021

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The status of Highland/Celtic Games changes with the blink of an eye.  We have updated the 2021 calendar but as I said, things change quickly.  Some Games have not made a decision yet.  But if you want to see what IS going to be held, please visit our Games calendar.  Be sure to select the link for FULL CALENDAR.  Otherwise, you will only see a few of the games.  Looking forward to seeing familiar faces again this year.

Steve and Marie Robb

Diaspora - 19 March 2021

Happy March!  Well, we have the latest issue of the Scottish Banner for your enjoyment.  If you are a voting/paying member, you will have free access.  But if you have not yet joined us; why not?  We keep the annual membership fee very cheap.  We know how Scots don't really like to spend too much for anything.  So consider a membership.  Just select the Membership link from the menu above and go through the paces to join us.  There is so much wonderful information here for our paying members!


In the meantime, if you are a paying member, to read the current issue of the Scottish Banner, please select Publications from the menu bar above and then select Diaspora.  It will allow you to select the link to the pdf file.  Enjoy!


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