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Diaspora - 5 March 2019

A Scot in Poland


When I started looking for information about the Diaspora, I did see that there are many from Scotland who are in Poland.  So now is as good a time as any to explore this.  I found a great article from 2015 in the Krakow Post that provides some great help.

Bonnie Prince Charlie's mother, Marie Klementyna Sobieska, was the grandaughter of Polish King Jan III.  Now THAT's a big connection, but Scots had actually been migrating to Poland since the 15th century.  In fact, there are numerous locations in Poland with the name "Nowa Szkocja" or "New Scotland."  Think back quickly to my blog about Nova Scotia and lessons in Latin.  There is a very close resemblance.  Well, I think there is. 

And it appear that many typical Scottish names have been morphed into a Polish version.  Thus, MacLeod is Machlejd.

Polish merchants ventured to Poland for the ability to trade easily, as well as enjoy a religous freedom they might not otherwise enjoy in their home land.  By the 17th century, there were at least 30,000 Scots living in Poland.  If you get a chance, do read the article from the Krakow Post that I have linked to above.  There is much more information there that brings us to modern day.  The history between Poland and Scotland is truly rich.

I also found a great website with Polish Scottish Heritage: Well worth the time spent if you are interested in:

The Best kept secret of the Enigma Secret

The Curious Story of Two Beverages 

The Royal Connection

Scots in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

In Which Country is the World's Biggest Map?

and many, many more encompassing music, medicine, and inventors.


Truly a Diaspora! 



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