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Diaspora - 6 March 2019

Going to the Dogs


Steve and I have blended our families.  However, we blended when all our children were adults.  So instead of additional children, we did the most obvious thing to do, we brought home a dog.  Hamish, is a shitszu.  Not a Scottish dog, but our family member.  

At one of our favorite Highland Games, there is a parade on Saturday morning.  Thousands, yes thousands, line the streets of downtown Estes Park, Colorado.  The crowds cheer on the various Scottish Clans, piping bands, high school marching bands, steam engine cars, and dogs.  The dogs of Scotland not only walk in the parade, but they compete at the Games for a variety of awards.  But I will say, I've always been a bit confused on what is a Scottish dog, and what isn't.  I'm sure there are some very proud owners who "fudge" their baby's breed.

So that begs the question; what is a Scottish breed?  Of course I found a terrific website with info and pictures of the various Scottish breeds.  Interested in acquiring your own Scottish breed?  Try here:

According to this very official-looking website, there are 9 breeds that originated in Scotland and of those, 5 of them are terriers.  So what are the 9 breeds?  

Bearded Collie

Cairn Terrier

Dandiee Dinmont Terrier

Gordon Setter

Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Sky-Terrier

Scottish Terrier

Shetland Sheepdog

West Highland White Terrier

So with that, time for me to share a loving photo of our Hamish.  Afterall, his name is Scottish!



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