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Diaspora - 10 March 2019

"Dress Code Part II"

Attend any Highland Game, and you always notice the men in their gorgeous kilts.  As women, we can get very creative with what we wear.  I have an outfit I received from my friend, Melissa Knox that I love.  I have a short sport kilt I like to wear, and sometimes on Sunday, I just wear jeans with a Clan MacFarlane Worldwide tshirt.  But no matter what I wear, I always have my tartan sash.

I have been asked how to wear the sash.  About the only thing I have always been certain about, is what shoulder to wear the sash on.  Clan MacFarlane does not have a Chief.  Thus, we are an armigorous Clan.  So if you are a member of Clan MacFarlane, you will NEVER wear your sash over your left shoulder.  Only the wife of the Clan Chief (or wife of a Scottish Regiment Colonel) will wear the sash on the left shoulder.  

What if you are from another Clan and married into the MacFarlanes?  Well, my greatgrandmother was Effie Snodgrass.  No joke, that was her name.  Snodgrass is a Scottish Clan, so I could wear the Snodgrass tartan instead of my husband's.  But, although the Snodgrass tartan is pretty (see below), I think I would get tired of telling folks my greatgrandmother was indeed, Effie Snodgrass.


So now, any advice on how to wear the tartan sash?  Of course!  The Scottish Tartan Authority has provided us with a great graphic filled with instructions, approved by the Lord Lyon.  You can find this at the following website:  


Again... don't worry about what you wear to the Games.  We just love to see you there.

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