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Diaspora - 24 April 2019

What's in a Name?  CMW and the Annual Members' Meeting

When Clan MacFarlane Worldwide was created, the founding members strived to create an organization for our members and run by our members.  This is why you will find that our corporate lingo is a bit different than most Scottish Clan Organizations.

So the Annual General Meeting for most organizations is CMW's Annual Members' Meeting ("AMM").  Why?  Because we truly want our members to feel a part of what we all want to do.  That means if you are a voting (paying) member, you get to vote every year for 3 new or returning Board Directors.  That also means after you have been a paying member of CMW for a year, you too can run for a position on the Board of Directors.  And we would LOVE for you to run for a position as a Director.  That also means if the Board of Directors determines that a change to the corporate Bylaws should be made, they turn to the voting members to determine if the change is good for CMW.

We are pleased with how our corporation functions.  After all these years, we can say "so far, so good!"  That means that membership annual dues (which are, in my humble opinion dirt cheap), have always been used to further the goals of Clan MacFarlane Worldwide.  We have lofty goals that are meant to continue to connect members with other members for the purpose of answering questions about heritage and family trees.  We support archeological endeavors to, forgive me, "dig deeper" into MacFarlane history.  We support local archaeologists to explore areas of MacFarlane lands for answers, and in some cases for new questions.  And sometimes, our own members dig deep into their own pockets to finance these same endeavors.  

We also use membership fees to sponsor athletes.  We help defray their costs of competition, and sometimes we help to purchase competition kilts for our athletes.  Just another great way to use membership fees.  Right? 

What else did we think about when we started CMW?  We knew we would have many hosts for Highland Games.  When you attend a Highland Game and you are greeted by a host, they are not "Conveeners" but instead, "Delegates."  We chose that because we feel our tent Delegates represent CMW and its members.  We just thought "Delegates" was a better representation for CMW.

We ensure our voting members can view the current budget and finances.  We ensure our voting members see the Minutes from the Board of Directors' monthly meetings.  We like our members to stay current.

We try to keep you informed of what is going on and what is coming up with CMW via Facebook, our website, the Loch Sloy! and even our new blog, this Diaspora.  But the point is, we try to give our voting members, and even just our friends, information about who we are and what we are doing and where we are going.  

But what you should always remember about CMW is that we are all volunteers.  Nobody gets paid.  We do this because we feel so strongly about our MacFarlane heritage.  

We do have 501c3 status with the IRS.  A group of us worked on the application to ensure we were approved on our very first shot.  And that is exactly what happened. Banner moment for us!

So you see, the Annual Members' Meeting is an appropriate name for our corporate meeting.  It will happen once again this coming weekend in Woodland, California at the Highland Games.  We believe in member participation so strongly, that our corporate members' meeting will be broadcast.  So even if you are in Japan, or Scotland, or New Zealand, New York, Florida, or Ontario, you can participate (the Technology wizards are feeling all the pressure).  You can listen and learn.  And the meeting will be recorded and a link of the recorded meeting will be provided to you.

The Annual Members' Meeting will be held at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, and will be hosted by Delegates, Laurie McFarland Jackson (our current President) and Don Jackson.  

So to answer the question "What's in a Name?"  I would say, everything.  We are Clan MacFarlane Worldwide!

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