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Diaspora - 12 May 2019



What a great word!

Steve has 3 daughters.  When one of them, in particular, calls him, I can always tell it is her.  He says "hello" and then he doesn't say another word.  But I can hear the constant buzzing of chatter on the other end.  In the 23 years I've known him, this has always been the routine.  The call is never short.  Sometimes he will get up and wander around completing small tasks with the phone attached to his ear.  But he rarely says a thing.

In person, it isn't much different.  A very cheerful conversation that is driven by one line of thought process after another is the case.  I too have a cousin that is fascinating to listen to.  She's full of great stories, and somehow she manages to string them all together.  The upside of this is I don't really have to participate.  I just have to listen and give the obligatory nodding of the head from time to time.  The downside of this is that although fascinating and wonderful stories to hear, I don't get to participate.

When Steve and I went to Scotland on our very first trip, and when we were standing in a typical tourist trap store packed with thousands of souvenirs to select from, I spied a tshirt on an upper hanger in the far corner.  On it was the word:  Blather.

The Blather tshirt was followed with the following definition:  "To talk fooilishy at length -- often used with on."

Although I did not purchase gifts for everyone in the family, I convinced Steve to purchase this one tshirt.  Now, don't misunderstand me.  We love this child.  She also has a good sense of humor.  So she liked her gift.  At least we believe she liked it.

And would I ever change the way she or my cousin chatter away?  Never.  So, child - Blather on!

Love, Mom and Dad (On this Mother's Day)