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Clan MacFarlane Worldwide did a "Thing" yesterday.  We gathered friends and put together a Digital Gathering, and launched it so that anyone could participate.  We had music, haggis making, information on what to wear to a Highland Game, where to travel in Scotland, participating in athletic events, and just a general get together for anyone interested in all things Scottish.

Several of us worked on this over the past two months so that our friends and families would not feel left out of all the Highland Games that have been cancelled this year. (My personal attempt to apologize for a lack of a more recent Diaspora posting...)  We hope we did it justice.  But now, we have made it available for viewing on our website for anyone who missed it.  

Want to see it?  Be sure to have a good drink on hand and a snack.  We feel very honored to have the Lord Lyon not only officially open the Gathering, but to spend time in an interview discussing the modern day Lord Lyon Court.  Watch our friend, Elliot MacFarlane, courtesy of the St. Andrew's Society of Detroit, tell you how haggis is made.  Highland Reign, one of our favorite Celtic Rock Bands, provides 2 great songs for us to enjoy WITH music video.  Gretchen Sell-Finley will try to convince you to participate in the athletic competitions.  Janet Robertson of Thistle Dubh Enterprises shares the "must see" places in Scotland when you finally travel, and Dr. Bruce Durie shares up-to-date information on what to wear and what not to wear to a highland game.  And yours truly has a few things absolutely WRONG!  

We hope you will take time to view the Digital Gathering.  To see it, you can find it here:  Digital Gathering!