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Loch Sloy! Magazine Highlights


Loch Sloy! Magazine Highlights

Each issue contains messages from the President, regular columns such as Twigs to Trees-the Genealogy Forum, MacFarlane Heritage Corner, Caber Corner about athletic competitions, as well as reports from our Tent Delegates about Scottish events CMW participated in, CMW business, recipes and even jokes. However, below are the larger articles in each issue and articles submitted by our members.

Dec. 2010 Vol. 1, No. 1

Dec. 2010 Vol. 1

Elizabeth Macfarlane-Honored Member, p. 21

 “Our MacFarlane History” from William Anderson, 1862, p. 28

 How the Irish Saved Civilization Book Review by Sandy McFarland Morgan, p. 32

March 2011 Vol. 2, No.  1

March 2011  Vol. 2

“What A Ride!” By Neal R. McFarland, p. 18

 “MacFarlane Septs” by Laurie McFarland Jackson, p. 20

 “The Coat of Arms of MacFarlane of that Ilk and Arrochar” an explanation of the arms, p. 31

 Chasing the Frontier: Scots Irish in Early America  Book Review by Sandy McFarland Morgan, p. 35

June 2011 Vol.2, No.  2

June 2011 Vol.2

“Family Story of Maxi Fitzjarrald” p. 15

 “MacFarland by Birth and MacGregor by Blood” by Earl MacFarland, p. 17

 “My Friend and Grandfather, J.B. McFarland” by Myron Boyd McFarland, Jr. , p. 21

 Flowers of the Forest for Elizabeth MacFarlane, longtime genealogist for the Clan MacFarlane, p. 27

Sept. 2011 Vol. 2, No.  3

Sept.2011 Vol. 2

“Understanding the Haplogroups of the MacFarlane Project” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 14

 “Family Story of Steven Robb” by Steve and Marie Robb, p. 17

 Scottish Customs From the Cradle to the Grave, Book Review by Sandy McFarland Morgan, p. 32 

Dec. 2011 Vol. 2, No.  4

Dec. 2011 Vol. 2

“A Long MacFarlane Journey, Part One, Genographics and My Deep MacFarlane Ancestors”, by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 15

 “Wandering my Way into Clan MacFarlane Worldwide” by Chuck Poland p. 23

 “History Begat Our Family Christmas Tradition” an explanation of the Kirkin’ of the Tartans, by Laurie Jackson, p. 25

 “Scotland’s Jews” by Marie Robb, p. 41

 “Rule #1 of Family Research: Never give up!" By Neal McFarland, p. 45

March 2012 Vol. 3, No.  1

March 2012 Vol. 3

“A Long MacFarlane Journey Part 2, MacFarlane Ancestors Come To Ireland and Then Scotland" by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 21

 “How to Build and Tame a Town” a history of the town site of McFarland, California, by Byron Boyd McFarland, Jr. p. 27

 Twigs To Trees: Genealogy Sources on the County of Donegal and Ireland in General, p. 31

June 2012 Vol. 3, No.  2

June 2012 Vol. 3

“A Long MacFarlane Journey Part 3, My McFarlands Immigrate to America" by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 27

 “Amazing Grace and the Bagpipe” by Laurie McFarland Jackson, p. 36

 “Visiting Scotland Soon?” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 43

Sept.  2012 Vol, 3, No.  3

Sept. 2012 Vol. 3

“Ever Wonder Who This Guy Is?” by Lynn James McFarland/Allgier, p. 14

 "Paul Monroe Funkhouser  1917-2009, A Remembrance" p. 33

Dec. 2012 Vol. 3, No.  4

Dec. 2012 Vol. 3

The Story of Scotland Book Review by Sandy McFarland Morgan, p. 8

“A Search for McConnohie” by Preston McFarland, p. 19

 “The Earls of Lennox and the MacFarlane Chiefs” by Chuck Poland, Terrance Gach MacFarlane, Andrew Macfarlane, p. 39

 “The Value of Media in Family Research” by Neal McFarland, p. 47

 “McFarlands & Septs in Ireland, Part 1, Redshanks in Ireland” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 52   Includes The Plantation, The Stewart Undertakers, The 1630 Muster Rolls

March 2013 Vol. 4, No.  1

March 2013 Vol. 4

Children’s Books Reviews by Sandy McFarland Morgan, p. 9

 “The Mystery of Elma Bettin McFarland” by Neal McFarland, p. 18

 “McFarlands & Septs in Ireland, Part 2, The English Civil War and the Irish Revolt” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 24

 “Using Scotland’s Maps” by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 42    About Loch Lomond area and MacFarlane sites at Ardleish, Ellan Vhow, Inveruglas Isle, Tarbet Isle

 “A MacFarlane in Bloom” by James MacFarlane p. 67

 “The MacFarlane Warriors of Southwest Virginia” by Chuck Poland, p. 69   About military service of descendants of Duncan McFarland

June 2013 Vol. 4, No.  2

June 2013 Vol. 4

“McFarlands & Septs in Ireland, Part 3, The Restoration” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 15    Includes the 1664-66 Hearth Money Rolls in Donegal,Tyrone, Londonderry

 “Got DNA” by Felicia (Lisa) Ann Acrea p. 19

 The MacFarlane Heritage Trail Project, p. 29    Sample: John McFarland (sometimes known as Scotland John) p. 33

 "Using Scotland’s Maps” by Peter F. McFarlin p. 41    About MacFarlane’s Old Mill Site at Portchaple, Inveruglas, Scotland

Sept. 2013 Vol. 4, No.  3

Sept. 2013 Vol.4

Flowers of the Forest: Harriet MacFarland, p. 10 and Karen Poland, p. 11

 “McFarlands & Septs in Ireland, Part 4, The Glorious Revolution, the Siege of Londonderry, and the Battle of Boyne” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 19

 “Ancient Clan MacFarlane Sites in Ardleish Promontory?” by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 35

 Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America, a Book Review by Chuck Poland, p. 45

 “The MacFarlane’s Gathering: Inspiring Cattle Rustling Tune, or Accompaniment for Gardening?” by Piper Arvey McFarland, p. 47

 “Duncan and the Oak Trees” by Laura Allan, p. 52

Dec. 2013 Vol. 4, No.  4

Dec. 2013 Vol. 4

“McFarlands & Septs in Ireland, Part 5, Presbyterian Congregations in Ireland” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 12

 “Searching for Information about the Family of Norman Wilson McFarland and Janie [Ida Jane] (nee Howard) McFarland” by Felicia Acrea, p. 18

 “Our Family’s Most Enjoyable and Memorable New Year’s Eve” by Neal McFarland, p. 34

 “MacFarlanes of Inversnaid and Pollocro (1690-1857)” by Andrew MacFarlane, p. 40    Including the unpublished memoirs of the Very Reverend Duncan MacFarlane D.D., Principal of Glasgow College from 1823 to 1857

March 2014 Vol. 5, No. 1

“McFarlands and Septs in Ireland, Part 6, Immigration to America” by Mary Helen Haines, p. 21  includes ship records

 “George Washington McFarland-a tintype” by Felicia (Lisa) Acrea, p. 26

 “Loch Sloy-Arrochar, Scotland” by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 32

 MacFarlane Heritage Trail, Capt. Milton Price McFarland, by Neal McFarland, p. 40

 Recipe for Scotch Eggs, by Kenneth W. Fraley, Sr. p. 54

June 2014 Vol. 5, No. 2

June 2014 Vol. 5

MacFarlane Heritage Trail: Fred Thomas McFarland Part 1, by Neal McFarland, p. 23

“MacFarlane Loch Lomond Castle Archaeology and Preservation on Ellan Vhow”  p. 32

“Duncan McFarlane’s Journal”  by Andrew Macfarlane, p. 34

“Ballyhennan Church and Graveyard in Tarbet” p. 41

Sept. 2014 Vol. 5, No. 3

Sept. 2014 Vol. 5

“Anita’s Travels, Part 1, Ireland” by Anita MacFarlane Renfrey, p. 19

“What You Can Learn From My Experiences Connecting with my Irish Ancestors” by Norman McFarland, p. 23

“A Tale of Two Brothers” by Carol Fuller and Anita Renfrey, p. 27  about the descendants of Alexander MacFarlane (b. 1841 Renfrewshire) who came to Australia and established the boat building business MacFarlane and Sons

MacFarlane Heritage Trail: Fred McFarland Part 2, by Neal McFarland, p. 39

“CMW Homecoming Trip to Ireland and Scotland” by Laurie McFarland Jackson, Mary Helen Haines, Peter McFarlin, p. 53

“The MacFarlane Flag: When is a standard not a standard?” by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 75

“Archaeology of Tarbet Isle, Loch Lomond” by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 84

Dec. 2014 Vol. 5, No. 4

Dec. 2014 Vol. 5

“James Evans McFarland” by Mary Thornburg Haines, p. 10

“Public Speaking” by T. Ryan McFarland, p. 25

“Anita’s Travels, Part 2 Scotland” by Anita Renfrey, p. 29

“Murdo MacFarlane the Melbost Bard” by Arvey McFarland, p. 32

McFarland, The Movie” by Laurie McFarland Jackson, p. 34

“The Scottish Targe: Part 1” by Walter Thomson, p. 37

“Digging Back in Time” by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 43   about the 2014 archeology dig at Tarbet Isle

“Efter Deathe Remains Vertew” by Preston McFarland, p. 51 about the John MacFarlane plaque at Luss

March 2015 Vol. 6, No. 1

March 2015 Vol. 6

“Alexander McFarland’s Military Papers” transcribed by Mary Helen Haines, p. 22 about the military service of Alex.McFarland, 1750-1804, Augusta Co. to Russell Co. VA

“The McFarland Baronetcy of Aberfoyle, County Londonderry Ireland” by Laurie Jackson, p. 32

“McFarlin Library at Univ. of Tulsa, Oklahoma” by Marie Robb, p. 34

MacFarlane’s Heritage Corner: “Early Cattle Droving in Arrochar” by Peter McFarlin, p. 36

“Tartan Day History” by Marie Robb, p. 45

“History of Provosts in Scotland” by Cheryl McFarlin Corey, p. 53

June 2015 Vol. 6, No. 2

June 2015 Vol.6

Twigs to Trees: M’farlanes who were known to have participated in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, p. 12

“Remembering the Volunteer Soldiers” of World War I by Malcolm Lobban, p. 19

MacFarlane’s Heritage Corner: “Clan MacFarlane Ruins on Four Loch Lomond Islands” by Peter McFarlin, p. 28

Sept. 2015 Vol. 6, No. 3

Sept. 2015 Vol. 6

"Carefree Days Beside Loch Lomond" by Malcolm Lobban, p. 22

"Autosomal DNA Testing for Genealogists" by Jim Black, p. 30

MacFarlane's Heritage Corner: "Loch Lomond and Its Islands" by Peter F. McFarlin, p.. 40

"MacFarlane Muniments Project" by Peter McFarlin and Preston McFarland, p. 49

"Clan MacFarlane Timeline" Part 1, p. 58

Dec. 2015 Vol. 6, No. 5

Dec 2015 Vol. 6

Twigs to Trees: MacFarlane Heritage Project- Benjamin McFarland 1767-1859 by Rosemary McFarland, p. 8

MacFarlane's Heritage Corner: "Loch Lomond and Its Islands, Pt. 2" by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 14

"MacFarlane Muniments Project, Pt. 2" by Peter McFarlin, p. 17

March 2016 Vol. 7, No. 1

March 2016 Vol. 7

Twigs to Trees: How to Order Films from the Family History Library, p. 11

MacFarlane's Heritage Corner: "Loch Lomond and Its Islands, Pt. 3" by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 25

"Cattle Droving through the Arrochar Glens, Pt. 2" by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 28

"MacFarlane Muniments Project, Pt. 3, by Peter F. McFarlin, p. 32

June 2016 Vol. 7, No. 2

June 2016 Vol. 7

“Clyde Ships to the Southland” Pt. 3,  by Malcolm Lobban, pp. 22-35

MacFarlane's Heritage Corner: "Loch Lomond and Its Islands, Pt. 4" by Peter F. McFarlin, pp. 37-38

“Clan MacFarlane Survey & Excavation” pp. 39-49

“Sean Wilson Kilts” by Sean Wilson pp. 50-53

Sept. 2016 Vol. 7, No. 3

Sept. 2016 Vol. 7

“Clyde Ships to the Southland” Pt. 4, by Malcolm Lobban, pp. 13-20

Twigs to Trees: Parlan MacFarlane from Elgin Quebec, p. 24

Heritage Corner: “Loch Sloy” by Preston McFarland, pp. 35-44

Clan MacFarlane Timeline, Pt. 2, 1985-1995. Pp. 46-49

Dec. 2016 Vol. 7, No. 4

Dec. 2016 Vol. 7

“Pioneering McFarlands” by Mary Helen Haines, pp. 18-25

“MacFarlanes of Huntingdon County, Quebec, Canada” by Holly Stevens, pp. 29-39

Leslie McFarlane, p. 52

Brian McFarlane, p. 53

Jack McFarland, p. 54

March 2017 Vol. 8, No. 1

March 2017 Vol. 8

Heritage Corner: “Loch Lomond & Its Islands” Pt. 5, by Peter F. McFarlin, pp. 23-26

“Clyde Ships to the Southland” Pt. 5, by Malcolm Lobban, pp. 27-50

Hugh C. Macfarlane 1851-1935, p. 59

“Archive and Preserve Your Family History” by Marie Robb, pp. 60-64

June 2017 Vol. 8, No. 2

June 2017 Vol. 8

“Texas McFarlands” by Mary Helen Haines, pp. 25-35

“Mingling with the Scots” by Carolyn Osborn, pp. 36-45

Stovies Recipe, p. 52

Sept. 2017 Vol. 8, No. 3

Sept. 2017 Vol. 8

Twigs to Trees, p. 11: McFarland House in Niagara on the Lake, Andrew McFarlane 1740-1829

ElanVow Preservation Fund: “Meaning of the name Island I Vow” by Bruce McFarlin, p. 18

Minutes and Reports from the AMM at Fergus, Ontario, p. 24

MacFarlane Games in 2017 in Canada & U.S.A. by John and Barbara Duff, p 46

Dec. 2017 Vol. 8, No. 4

Dec. 2017 Vol. 8

Twigs to Trees, p. 7: Joseph McFarland who died 1759 in Bucks Co. PA

Information on Long’s Peak Scottish Irish Highland Festival Sept. 6-9, 2018, p. 23

Scones Recipe, p. 17


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